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Hello All, just thought I would introduce myself. Getting into DCS goodstyle now with a decent range of aircraft. Hopefully might meet up with some of you online. Just got myself the F16 and the Mirage in the Half Price Sale (couldnt resist) and just had a play on the Demo JF17. What a lovely flying aircraft it is, and quite user friendly from what I can see, no quirks Very easy to taxi and take off. Flying is a dream with a perfectly stable aircraft, and landing was surprisingly easy to. I really want one of these eventually but cant afford it yet. :smilewink::smilewink::smilewink:

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Welcome RATTLER ! I will be getting my cart filled up to this weekend. I'm new to DCS also so hope to see ya around. Take Care.

ALIENWARE R9 - I7 9700K @ 4.6 - M.2 NVMe 2TB - RTX2080 Super  - 32gb HyperX Fury Ram AWCC OC Ram2 Enabled @2933Mhz

Monitor AW2518H @ 240Hz - TM Warthog Hotas & TFRP Rudder pedals - Monstertech Mounts - TrackerIR w/ProClip - Tacview

Stable and Open Beta

Start Date April 2020

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