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New aircraft .


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It would be nice to add a new plane like "Ilyushin Il-28Sh" with its support for gun pod, rocket or missile. Excellent for the ground attack. The "Ilyushin Il-30" with its six 23 guns and also its support for gun pod and rocket and missile I suppose. The "Ilyushin Il-46" similar gun, missile, rocket and gun pod. Please if you could add his planes to the ground attack project that would be great. Not to mention the tons of bombs he can carry.



"Ilyushin Il-28Sh":



"Ilyushin Il-28Sh".jpg

"Ilyushin Il-28Sh".gif



"Ilyushin Il-30"

"Ilyushin Il-30".gif




"Ilyushin Il-46"

"Ilyushin Il-46".jpg




the 3 Ilyushin.

THE 3.gif








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Never seen any of these before .Cool looking aircraft.:pilotfly:

MODULES: A10C Warthog,AH-64 D APACHE,AJS Viggen,AV8B Harrier,BF109 K4,C101 Aviojet,F14 Tomcat,F16 Viper,F5 Tiger,F86 Sabre,FA18C Hornet,FW190A8,FW190D9,I16 Ishak,JF17 Thunder,KA50 Blackshark,L39Albatros,Mirage2000C,MI24P,MI8MVT2,MIG15BIS,MIG19P,MIG21BIS,Mosquito FB VI,P51D Mustang,P47D Thunderbolt,SA342 Gazell,SpitfireIX,TF51D,UH1H Huey,Yak52.

OTHER:Flamming cliffs,Combined Arms,WW2 Assets Pack,SuperCarrier.

TERRAINS: Nevada,Caucasus,Normandy,Persian Gulf,Syria,Channel,Marianas. 


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Never seen any of these before .Cool looking aircraft.:pilotfly:

Actually Il-28 was fairly common inventory of the Eastern block (+ friends) air forces. Thus if anyone makes F-100 as Mig-19 counterpart and either french Vatour or british Canberra it could be nice set up for some Cold War or Middle East scenario - maybe not 237% historical but very close to.

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Two pair 23mm NR-23s at the front and a pair of NR-23s at the rear.

This makes 4 offensive cannons and 2 defensive cannons.

Sorry, I can't find a photo or you can see the weapons clearly.

(In addition I imagine that we can attach two gun pods of 2 times two guns of 23mm; that would make 8 offensive cannon.:pilotfly:)

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Any pictures with a weapons load out? Where do the six 23mm go!

Why to complicate something that is otherwise simple? :smilewink:




It has defense turret position in the rear with 2x 23mm

Probably only (yet critical) issue is the fact that in those days planes were literally tailored to their purpose compared to modern multirole ones. Thus if someone makes bomber, it would not be equipped to make torpedo runs.

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It is to stay in the spirit of the MiG-19P Farmer and the MiG-15Bis it would be nice to see them fly and carry out missions together and fight the F-86F Saber and other.

It is on that compare to multirole modern it would not hold.:clown_2:

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