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I am stopping work on DCS-BIOS for the foreseeable future


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The short version:

I have come to realize that I am not able to work on DCS-BIOS while working a full time job that requires a similar skillset. That means I will not work on expanding or supporting DCS-BIOS until circumstances change, and that will probably not happen.


The long version:

I started getting into DCS and later building DCS-BIOS because I am fascinated by complex systems. This worked out well while I was still studying computer science; it provided me an outlet to do some programming close to the hardware while the curriculum developed more and more towards the theoretical side of things.


About three years ago I decided to stop pursuing a masters degree and get a job with the bachelors degree that I had. Starting to work full time stopped almost all progress on DCS-BIOS, but I always kept telling myself that the day job would get less stressful and tiring over time.


That did not happen. I have since changed jobs four times, hoping to find one that would not drive me crazy.


Well, I found one. For the last three months, none of the stress in my life has been job related. I am now working for a company that makes PC-based automation technology, working on the team that customizes the BIOS for the PC mainboards they design and build in-house (the guys who do the PCB layout sit just one office away).


Unfortunately, I am still unable to continue work on DCS-BIOS, and this time, there is nothing I can expect to change about the situation. I have to accept (and admit to myself and to you guys) that after I get home from work, I have had my fill of debugging software and lack any desire or energy to do more of the same.



I still don't know exactly what this means for the future of the project. I could do some work on it during a vacation, but that won't be enough to get significantly closer to the goals I had in mind, so I probably won't start working on new features. I will try to fix any regressions (i.e. if a new DCS: World version breaks something that was working before), although the API that DCS-BIOS is using has been pretty stable (I think I had to change something once when ED added the different export options on MP servers).

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As an IT person myself I know what your on about.


Thank you for your work on dcs-bios and the time you’ve put into it. I hope this decision helps you sort things.


If you need to offload web things dm me. I’m happy to host or store some content.





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I fully understand that personal situations change over time and its probably the same reason behind what happened with the main developer of Moose, wish you all the best on your current job and hope that this pandemia isn't affecting your life.


I’m not a home cockpit builder, but I have enjoyed your Lua_Console a lot, and will keep using it while the DCS evolution allows it. Just wanted to thank you for a wonderful tool, thanks a lot and best regards,





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Hey Ian,


thanks for your fantastic work. Thanks for your support in solving problems. Too bad we will lose you in the future. I can understand that very well, I feel the same way often enough.

Is it possible to give someone rights to help with bugs? I think of BlackLibrary, for example, which has helped me a few times with the F18.


I wish you all the best in your new job for the future. Stay healthy and thank you again for everything.


Cheers Sky

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Thanks for all the hard work Ian! As a full time software developer I must confess I haven't written a single line of code in my free time for at least 25 years.

Windows 10 64bit, Intel i9-9900@5Ghz, 32 Gig RAM, Palit RTX 2080 TI, 1 TB SSD, 43" 2160p@1440p monitor.

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Ian, you belong to the legend of the DCS Community. DCS-BIOS is the cornerstone of so many other applications that I can't think of flying without. But real life will always be first!

I can't thank you enough for your work. I don't think I would have flown that long on DCS and that I would enjoy that much this sim without you. I hope someone will be able to take over your work some day and maintain the magic.

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Also from here, thank you a thousand times!

This piece of software is really a milestone in cockpit building!

Hope all the best for you, thanks again and i hope that the project don't go abandoned 'cause it would be really a great loss for all the community!



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Many thanks for all the hard work you have put into DCS-BIOS over the years. None of my current pit project would have been done without it. So sinsere thanks from me to you.


Im missing the knowledge to push the latest version further. (BIOS -HUB)


but i will maintain the older version in our Fork (0.7xx) with new planes / bug fixing and beta updates.

@BlackLibrary many thanks for continuing the hard work of supporting the older version. Much appreciated sir so many thanks to you as well.




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