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hey Guys­.. give him a break... not nice...

This is certainly THE most finished product in DCS with tons of systems to learn and an 600+ pages manual... his question is understandable...




there are tons of great tutorials and advice on flying and operating the A-10C out there.

First I would start with the specific A-10C MODULE SPECIFIC TUTORALS section in our Forum Here.


Besides the (imposing) flight manual from ED, I strongly suggest that you start with Chuck's guide, he makes the best concise and easy to understand yet complete guides for most aircraft in DCS. Here is a link for the A-10C guide (you can scroll down a bit and you get a DOWLOAND PDF HERE box)


There are also many great tutorial makers and playlists on Youtube.

Start with DCS,s Matt Wagner's chain on the A-10C here.

Then I would say Bunyap's tutorials


Also Gerry Abbott's chain here.


There is also a bunch of great checklists and other documents sets made by those who know the bird really well.

One of them is LOBO,s checklists here.


You should also check the 476th fighter group website, they have some of the best material:


I suggest you go throught their website. You will find not only A-10C specific info but lots of other tactical info that is great! Their big documentation maker is Snoopy and everything he wrote is fantastic.


But I cannot stress enough how much studying in depth the whole manual is rewarding (take your time, one chapter at a time and try things in the plane)... Make yourself some bookmarks, highliner, notes and study again... then when you read more or look at a tutorial, you remember that part in the manual... etc...


It is one of the closest thing to studying a real aircraft you can get in DCS... much more rewarding than those great aircraft that came out recently but that are not finished and for which you get changes every week...


Oh and by the way, we just got a fantastic upgrade to the cockpit for Xmas... so it looks great and as you know, there is a A-10C -2 in the making!!!!!


Happy studying!


JEFX out


In DCS I fly jets with thousands of pounds of thrust...

In real life I fly a humble Cessna Hawx XP II with 210 HP :D

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dont stare on your mfds. look wtf is going outside. thats a gamechanger.

then use hud soi > mark Point or better mark for yourself with a Phosphor smoke rocket.

lot of cool a10 "Pilot Things" possible.


yeah and read "a10s over Kosovo". its free. you´ll wont regret it


Great advice!

SA is paramount.

Cross checking between what you see outside and what you see on your displays is so important.


One of the advices that I saw that helped me the most was (if I recall well) from Gerry Abbott : put your TAD display in EX 1 (zoomed one level) because then it always stays North UP. It is so much easier when trying to check where things are both on the field and in the air, especially while doing orbits and other moves!!!


Then, using the TGP, an appropriate orbit pattern around the battlefield, markpoints, smoke, and of course your eyes, you can crosscheck all the info that makes a good SA...


In DCS I fly jets with thousands of pounds of thrust...

In real life I fly a humble Cessna Hawx XP II with 210 HP :D

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Understand the difference between Steer Points, Mission Points and Mark Points. Being able to freely switch among all three while on a flight can be a game changer!



Get to where creating Mission Points on the fly is second nature (9 Line Data Entry)



High Quality Aviation Photography For Personal Enjoyment And Editorial Use.


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I was being serious.:D LOAD FOR BEAR! This plane is slow and doesn't move very well. Offense is your best defense! Pack on six mavericks. You'll need 'em. Screw the wheels. You can always belly land.



500 pounders in a steep dive work well. Also, tanks have weak armor ( around 100mm RHA) on top. Gun just might just penetrate at a steep dive. Gun works great against APC's and low armour.



Also, CBU's are expensive, but they work well against close together, mass targets.

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