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F-16 - Speed Brakes Controller Settings

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Good day everyone, I am having trouble setting the F-16's speed brakes - (SB), using the Logitech Extreme 3D PRO buttons, even though there is a setup command just for joysticks. I have followed this command as I do other setups, but it does not show on the command table after I hit enter and Iam unable to get them working. This situation forces me to stop with just the brakes with full flaps on; there must be a better way to stop this airplane? Please advise what I am doing wrong or is this an unfinished bug fix; thanks for your kindness and cooperation.





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can you post a screenshot showing us how you have it set up?

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The F16 is mostly slowed down by aerodynamic braking canopancho. Then a small amount of braking.


Also make sure you are setup correctly for landing and not coming in to fast.


These are the two commands I have set for the speed brakes.





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The command in category "Special for joystick" is for use with a 3-position switch like we have on the TM Warthog throttle. If your HOTAS has just pushbuttons I would recommend to use the bindings that David OC shows.


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