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After the last OB, still the bort cut is not fixed.

Here is the default livery and the polygons of the bort are not adhering to the fin



In my livery the problem is so much evident when zooming in MV

In Fin



Here in nose (wireframe clearly see the shifted polygons cut)




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Since the update, my nose and tail number are completely gone on the default skin(during single player only). However, on some third party skins, the tail number and nose number are still bleeding through other numbers.

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Also the nose is still green. ED said WIP for it but it is not changed for months.



peope belive "real" "irl" green rader dome and strange fueslage [][][] bump ;) ;) ;)


ED default f16 is more close real one "IRL" ;-)


and yellow cockpit too !





This is because ED all made 16 bits in my guess. ED recently changed the template to 8 bits. Now ED will recreate it in realistic colors

there are no green rader in any PC game or picture of usaf oiffcal mill.af



If the ED changes the color of the rader dome, those who say the green rader is realistic will change the word again.

and " i was work xxxxx" "when i back to xxxx"

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creator of ED's official F-16C liveries 

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