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Purchased Helicopter Bundle. It asks for Black Shark 2's Activation Serial Number.


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I just purchased the Helicopter Bundle. After payment confirmed, I installed all four within game, it restarted, and asked of me to enter the serial number for Black Shark 2 for its activation.


Question is: Where may I find its activation?


I can lookup my Flaming Cliff's activation serial number easy once I log in to main site; but so far I could not find any activation number for the Black Shark 2.


May I missing something?


Many thanks. :)

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Same thing for me.

I sent a ticket to ED.



Here is their answer :



From: Konstantin Kharin Hello.

We are gradually moving to a new keyless security system

BS2 is next.

It already runs keyless in current beta, but stable 2.5.5 still requires the old key.

Would you like to install open beta and use it?



Best regards and many happy landings !

Konstantin "MotorEAST" Kharin

Eagle Dynamics IT Team



So fly the open beta or wait until the stable version runs to 2.5.6

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Just some food for thought... if you’ve just bought the helicopter bundle and you prefer to say in 2.5.5 stable until ED sort out all the current issues with 2.5.6. I can assure you there’s lots of learning and fun to be had in the other 3 helicopters you got in the bundle to keep you busy and entertained for a long time while you’re waiting for ED to update the KA50 license key system.







229th Assault Helicopter Battalion - Always Recruiting


If you have a passion for helicopter flight simulation and would like to fly in a friendly and supportive online multiplayer environment, then you’ve just put your skids down safely on the right page…!


DCS Squadron Recruiting Page for the 229th



For details see our website at:


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Sankha and Space Cadet:


Thank you both for replying, and also thank you to ED in replying to your (Sankha) of similar issue.


I play on Open Beta 2.55 at this point. According to Sankha's response per ED, it only applies to 2.55 stable for key/serial number request during login. I am on Open Beta 2.55, so I might just wait a little while longer as ED do their thing.


Many thanks.


Please add any addendum, referals as you like.

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