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Capture the Point!

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Capture the Point!



Capture the Point is an inspired by War Thunder/World of Tanks game mode, featuring Combined Arms. The goal of this event and game mode is to show off the possibilities and potential of Combined Arms. Even though the module is super clunky and it takes some getting used to, it can still be a lot of fun!





Four vehicles on each side, BMP-3 vs ZBD-04A, direct control only (JTAC slot), fifteen-minute rounds. Both teams are placed around two nautical miles away from the Capture Point. To win, a team has to either hold the Capture Point for two and a half minutes or eliminate all of the enemy’s vehicles.


The Capture Point is illuminated by colored flares, indicating its status. White flare means neutral, red means the REDFOR is holding the circle, green means the BLUEFOR is controlling the circle and orange is contested!


No F7 external views, F10 map is set to FRIENDLIES ONLY (No AI spotting).


The event will have a tournament best of three setup, with a best of five for the end opponents. For now the format will be four vs. four, but depending on the amount of sign-ups it can be changed to two vs. two or three vs. three. Bring your friends and play with them. All solos will be partnered with other people to form a team.


Any player who is currently playing, caught switching to the Spectator (Observer) slots will be disqualified.



The 21st of March 2020 @1900 Zulu



Post your name below (preferably signs ups are done individually)

Join the discord link below for coordination, questions, ect.

Upon joining the discord leave a message in the #general section.


Communication will be done over Discord or Team Speak.



Everyone is welcomed, even if you have never tried Combined Arms ground vehicles, it is all for fun! If anyone needs help, feel free to contact me on the above discord and I will be happy to show you around!

A version of the mission will be attached at the bottom of this post, so players can get familiar with the setup (Additional timer for when the point is held will be added for the final version).

Players are welcomed to stream. If we are lucky, we might even get someone big to cast/stream the event.

A BIG Thank you to Redhotita1 for helping with testing !

Capture the Point APC ATGM (4v4 JTAC).miz

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Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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Here is a introduction to almost everything you need to know !


I can also help out if anybody needs it, contact me on the discord.

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Everybody gotta be offended and take it personally now-a-days

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Virpil WarBRD | Virpil VFX Grip

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