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Stream Deck, problem with recognizing the hotkeys

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Hello, I need your help. I did not try it with DCS till now and only tried it with IL2. Seems that no one uses Stream Deck with IL2. So I hope to get help in DCS board.

I want to assign hotkeys in my game to my STREAM Deck XL.

Here is one example to explain my problem: I got a key "L" which turns on the cockpit light. And there is another shortcut "R-RCtl+L" which turning on navigation lights. It is working perfectly when using my keyboard. Now I bind these two function onto two hotkeys at my Stream Deck.

When pressing the hotkey-icon on Stream Deck for navigation lights (R-STRG+L), it turns on navigation lights (R-STRG+L) as it should, but it turns on the cockpit light ("L") too. Two actions are fired, because the "L"-key for switching on the cockpit light is used in the Shortcut for navigation lights.

This happens to all my actions where I got such shortcuts and makes using Stream Deck useless for me.

Hope you cantell me how to set up the shortcuts in order not to fire the key which is used in an other combined shortcut too. Stream Deck should only fire the combined hotkeys and not the single key plus the combined key. Hope there is a solution for it and you got tips.


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That's a strange one. I have two Stream Decks I use with DCS and Adobe CC (never tried them in IL-2), and I've never had the issue you describe. It sounds as if the Stream Deck is essentially sending (or IL-2 is receiving) the L key longer than the modifier key. I would suggest you first test what Windows is receiving using one of various applications that show key input duration (of course I am forgetting the names of the common ones at the moment, but hopefully someone smarter on this forum will chime in). These should allow you to see the key down and key up sequence, and hopefully duration in milliseconds, that the Stream Deck is sending.


Unfortunately, Stream Deck does not currently support press-and-hold functions, but I've seen talk of Elgato adding this functionality in later software builds. If/once they do, a work-around would be to set up a multi-action sequence where you could separately specify exactly the duration of the modifier press and release and the "L" press and release, such that you could guarantee the L is released before the modifier is.


Failing that, I guess you could always remap the cockpit lights in IL-2 to some other key or key sequence, e.g., LCTRL-L. Annoying to have to do that, but should work.

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