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Hello ED,


While I do appreciate your work, I just want you to propose some very slight and easy to apply improvements for the User Files repository on your main sites: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/


The issue I have is mainly related to the language used in there. Lately I am starting to see a lot of entries written in Chinese. While I am very glad that they are becoming extremely active, I think that will still be good that they would write the text bilingual, as majority of us are doing when using native language. If that is not option, at least allow us have a filter to setup what we can really understand.


Please take this just as a suggestion, as this have been already applied on your forum, just to ease our reading and understanding.


Also would be great in future if the user repository mods can be easier to work with, meaning just to click a mod... sound, skin, mission ... and then been automatically included in game. Of course, extra checking might be needed on your side, hence i think will highly improve the customer experience.


Thank you,


Romanian Community for DCS World

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