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Red Flag Rumble March - Mig-15 vs F-86

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10 minutes into the event... BOOM! Timed out :huh: Took me a while to bring it back up so probably no chance of rejoining. Maaan, I've waited for this event for a while... I know my luck ;)


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Guys, thanks for this moment, it was over exciting and:pilotfly: immersive !



"Si je disposais de six heures pour abattre un arbre, je consacrerais les quatre premières heures à aiguiser ma hache. " Abraham LINCOLN

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Thanks for event 104th! So many pilots, so intense fights! Me and my friends would be happy to see such an event again =)

p.s. Sorry for being late. We couldnt enter, sever was full, but finally we entered the server for some reason (not all of us).

And in the end I (FF*CMF) was sitting on my airfield and waiting for the end, because thought that 5-10 min left, but in fact it was enough time to make my 3-rd sortie =( Anyway my team of 3 ships lost 2 MiGs (one crashed in water, second hit a Sabre and lost a wing), but destroyed 5 Sabres and at least 2 was shot hard but both landed for our surprise.


Best joke of this event:"Aviator comes in with a speed of thousand Gazelles!" © Maverick :D

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:clown:Thanks 104th! Had a great time! This was my first event in DCS and I only had a few hours in the MiG.

Any possibility of doing a WWII event? It seems to be mostly ignored in DCS.

@Maverick... you did get the pronunciation of my name correct a few times... "Von nerd" :pilotfly:

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Great event! Best Red Flag event of the 3 I have been on.


Also @ the 3rd Fighter wing that was a really cool high alt fight we had. You were trying to drag us low and the high element jump us from above contrail. Meanwhile we were trying to keep the fight high . Real immersive!


Definitely be in the next one!

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