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USAF Logbook Project

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Hi everyone,


Just doing something for myself and thought I'd share with everyone. Maybe my work can be integrated into the default game files by ED so they wont be needing updating every patch.


Anyway, I started working on adding imagery to the DCS Logbook for the F-16. The plan is to include USAF American, Pacific and European Wings and Squadrons, as well as USAF Reserve, National Guard and Training Wings/Squadrons. Also included will be the Aggressors, the Thunderbirds and a Generic Fighting Falcon Patch. I know you know how this works/looks, and also that it's not the most glorious type of mod, but I've included a few pictures to show my work so you see its not going to be a half-hearted effort, but that I want them to look professional.


Below are examples of the Generic F-16, and the Squadrons which have been completed so far





---List of what's planned and completed below. Tell me if I'm missing something please---




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updated completed list
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::: USAF :::


20th Fighter Wing (SW) Shaw AFB, South Carolina

-55th FS

-77th FS

-79th FS

20FW.png 55FS.png 77fs.png 79FS.png

53d Wing (OT) Eglin AFB, Florida

-85th TES

-422d TES

53W.png 85thTES.png 422dTES.png

57th Wing (WA) Nellis AFB, Nevada

-64th AGRS

-USAF Thunderbirds

57WG.png 64AGRS.png tbirds.png



::: PACAF :::


8th Fighter Wing (WP) Kunsan AB, South Korea

-35th FS

-80th FS

8FW.png 35FS.png 80FS.png

51st Fighter Wing (OS) Osan AB, South Korea

-36th FS

51FW.png 36FS.png

35th Fighter Wing (WW) Misawa AB, Japan

-13th FS

-14th FS

35FW.png 13FS.png 14FS.png

354th Fighter Wing (AK) Eielson AFB, Alaska

-18th AGRS

354FW.png 18AGRS.png

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updated completed list
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::: USAFE :::


31st Fighter Wing (AV) Aviano AB, Italy

-510th FS

-555th FS

31FW.png 510FS.png 555FS.png

52d fighter Wing (SP) Spangdahlem AB, Germany

-408th FS

52FW.png 480FS.png




::: USAF Reserve Command :::


301st Fighter Wing (TX) NAS JRB Ft. Worth, Texas

-457th FS

301FW.png 457FS.png

482d Fighter Wing (FM) Homestead JARB, Florida

-93d FS

482FW.png 93FS.png

944th Fighter Wing (LR) Luke AFB, Arizona

-69th FS

944FW.png 69FS.png




::: USAF Education and Training :::


56th Fighter Wing (LF) Luke AFB, Arizona

-21st FS

-308th FS

-309th FS

-310th FS

-425th FS

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updated completed list
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::: Air National Guard :::


187th Fighter Wing (AL) Alabama

-100th FS

162d Fighter Wing (AZ) Arizona

-148th FS

-195th FS

140th Wing (CO) Colorado

-120th FS

113th Wing (DC) Washington D.C.

-121st FS

132d Fighter Wing (IA) Iowa

-124th FS

148th fighter Wing (MN) Minnesota

-179th FS

177th Fighter Wing (AC) New Jersey

-119th FS

180th Fighter Wing (OH) Ohio

-112th FS

138th Fighter Wing (OK) Oklahoma

-125th FS

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:::Air National Guard:::


169th Fighter Wing (South Carolina) South Carolina

-157th FS

114th Fighter Wing (Lobos) South Dakota

-175th FS

149th Fighter Wing (SA) Texas

-182d FS

158th Fighter Wing (VT) Vermont

-134th FS

115th Fighter Wing (WI) Wisconsin

-176th FS

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Thank you all for the messages. The project will be finished one day. Just taking a break from dcs and not knowing how far i can take this for all of the other nations who fly the 16. Take care all and ill revive this thread once i start working on these again. Thanks again. 

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Are you going for current or past squadrons as well?  If you're going for say the last 5 years,  you could add Hill Afb, Utah and the 4th, 34th and 421st fs, the 388th fw, since when I retired from the air force in 2016, they had just received the first f-35.  They've been slowly moving to only f-35s but the 419th fw from the reserves is still flying some f-16s.  All 4 are on hill.....

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