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F-16C Cockpit external textures

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I noticed in a recent build that part of the external texture for the F16 is now using the default texture even if you have a custom liverie installed. There is a stripe just below the canopy seal that runs from the rear of the canopy forward wraps around the nose and down the other side. This area is referencing the default texture F16_bl50_Main_1.


It's particularly noticeable in VR and if you're using a non standard USAF liverie such as a have glass one etc.


If you look down to right or left in VR you will clearly see what I mean. If your liverie is already a default grey you might not notice it.


I loaded up the current cockpit edm in the model viewer and extracted the list of textures. There appears to be a new one at the bottom of the list.


{"F16_bl50_Main_1111", 0, "f16_bl50_main_1", false};

{"F16_bl50_Main_1111", NORMAL_MAP, "f16_bl50_main_1_normal", false};

{"F16_bl50_Main_1111", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "f16_bl50_main_1_roughmet", false};



As you can see, the name has had three additional "1"'s appended to it and it still references the external f16_bl50_main_1 texture. So this is the culprit.


So to get around it, you need to add the new referenced texture name to your description.lua for any custom liverie you want to use. You'd only need to this for the ones that YOU are flying. The custom liveries still look fine from an external viewpoint. You're not sitting in your wingman's cockpit, your sitting in yours.


So add these lines:


{"F16_bl50_Main_1111", 0, "f16_bl50_main_1", false};

{"F16_bl50_Main_1111", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "f16_bl50_main_1_roughmet", false};


Now you're good to go, I figure the normal shouldn't matter much, but if you want it, add it too as above.

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Just bumping this as it is still an issue, you have to use this extra material otherwise for non-gray schemes in F1 view you get a gray stripe below the canopy because the texture is still default.


Also the roughness_metallic properties of the canopy in F1 are not the same as the external model, despite me setting them to use the same texture. Hope this is fixed in the future, as the mismatch doesn't look good in VR.



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