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Option to disable ATC AI from editor

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Until the new reworked ATC update comes, I would like to have a tick box pr airfield to disable ATC AI. So when creating a mission for friends we can taxi and takeoff without hearing:



Springfield one one, hold position. Do loop until mad!



There are awkward ways around this, kind of sort of. But that's not what I am asking. Can we have tick boxes to disable ATC please?

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2 hours ago, JohnTheSavage said:

Yes please. For multiplayer, where you have a human ATC, it can be quite annoying to have the AI ATC constantly talking over everyone in the background. Drives you insane after 10 minutes on the ground 🥴

For MP, better solution than just turning it off would be an ATC slot for each airfield. Player occupies it and AI shuts off for that field. No player? Get AI ATC.

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I find it most annoying that you have infinite radio range and all radio bands active in the non interactive cockpits. It's ridiculous. You get tanker calls, ALL atcs, AWACS and the carrier traffic blasted in your ears all mission long. it's quite frustrating when there is more than you flying. ATC being stupid and needing rework. I remember the first promise of this being done at least 5 years ago, yet not a single thing has been done since. And no, the "3 different eras and russian/everywhere else" is different doesn't fly. ATC is international standardized and even if there are regional differences make one modern western one and just slap it on everything (yes even the russian 1930s ATC), then do the rest incrementally. I mean it's literally just 3 if statements in code to add later... ANYTHING is better than "Enfield 1-1, hold position" for the whole mission because someone decided to AFK slightly out of place. Other sims did it just fine and they didn't even have a budget (yes the free work of *that* (can't name since that's insta delete post... go figure) f-16 sim that's being done by volunteers). Their solution might not be 100% accurate, but it works. unlike the current dcs atcs. which are 0% accurate and don't work. Heck they don't even give you instructions of any kind. All they do is yell at you if you want to do a formation takeoff. They give engine start permission and then all you can do is request startup again because it's broken. Then they yell at you constantly because you taxi without permission (and you can't ask because you can still only ask for startup). It's infuriating and you can't even turn down the radio volume in the 25T for example.

And of course the age long problem of no communication on the progress. Or if they even started. (probably didn't, but who knows...)


So yes. Give us an option to shut them up and only have them turn on the runway light if we want to land at night.

And while you're at it, fix awacs doing callouts for every bandit in the solar system non-stop.

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I support the original idea. perhaps combine the abilities to both set it off via ME (or even in-game) + disable the ATC when a palyer takes an ATC-slot. Why both, you ask? Because quite a lot of people use Lotatc as their controller interface without opening DCS at all. So the AI needs to be able to be muted even if no-one takes an in-game ATC-slot.




As for the problem with FC3-aircraft, yes their systems are simplified to the point that they actually hinder gameplay rather than boost it. But there is a keybind that allows you to toggle the radio chatter to players's own comms + answers only.







DCS Finland | SF squadron

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Dcs: F/A-18C, F-16C, F-14B, A-10C, A-10C II, AV-8B, UH-1H, MiG-21bis, M2000C, Ka-50, FC3, SC

System: i5-9600k@5GHz, Asus Dual 2080S O8G, 32gb DDR4 3000MHz, HP Reverb G1 and G2, Warthog hotas, TM TFRP, DIY ”UFC”, 3x TM MFD’s

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