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Speeding up my memory

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Hi Guys need some advice on speeding up my memory and to see if it is running at the right speed. I have x2 Corsair DDR4 16GB 3200mhz I use Razer Cortex when firing up DCS so it closes unwanted programs in the background. My question is when I fire up a software called Aorus CPUID CPU-Z and look at my memoryit says the frequency is 1600mhz is this the bog standard frequeny should it need speeding up. Any help would be much appreciated


Thanks Glynn

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I've had this too with CPU-Z, it shows the true memory clock. Since we're using Double Data Rate RAM (DDR) the kits get advertised as 3200 MHz for example. Data gets transfered on a rising and falling flank of a Hertz cycle, basically doubling the data processing (speed). The true clock is still 1600 though, this you get displayed.


After two days of testing I came to the conclusion you shouldn't spend much time on this if at all, for me it broke more than it helped when fiddling with the timings and so on, even when using DRAM Calculator and what not.

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When you activate XMP or DCOP as it mostly called with AMD boards the RAM specs get read by the board and it "tries" to adjust itself. If you have no issues at 3200/1600-true your XMP seems to work. Volts should be 1.35v


What you can try is lower the latency. Say you have 3200-16-16-16-36-2T speced RAM you try to lower them to 14-14-14-34-2T, maybe raise Volts, but not more than max 1.45V. What you may need is more like 1.3875-1.40v for better latency.


Use Aida64 Suite, it has a Benchmark Latency checker.


You need P A T I E N C E if you work the RAM, honestly, it burns time.


If you BSOD, fix it, memory BSODs have a tendency to ruin your OS. YOu will then learn DISM command options and sfc/scannow and what that means.




Contrary, you can leave the latency and see if they work at higher clocks, say 3400 or best 3600. Same Volt rules apply, gradually apply more Volts to max 1.45 to see if that helps. I would not go higher than 1.4ish for daily use, say 1.425 or so



ALWAYS check latency. The one with the best latency is what you need for gaming, not necessarily bandwidth increase for the cost of higher latency, 3200 bandwidth is already fine.

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