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Viviane TV Camera - Control on the move

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Control of the Viviane camera takes on strange/difficult behaviour when having lateral and/or vertical motion of the helicopter, or when the heading of the helicopter and the camera are offset more than a couple of degrees.


I appreciate the general gist of this has been raised previously in another thread (https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=239478) but I wanted to create a new clean and concise thread to see if we can lay down a definitive response to this behaviour and what, if anything, we can do within our own DCS controls setup (or something else) to help address it.


I've not yet to nailed down the exact causes (helicopter movement, helicopter/camera heading offset, other factors) but from my observations having even slight movement of the helicopter makes the camera more difficult to control.

By this I mean the camera's response to control inputs is more 'sluggish' and do not always feel like they entirely correspond to the control inputs being made.

Sometimes, as reported by at least one other person, it even very clearly moves in the exact opposite direction to the commanded input.



A couple of 'known facts' to reiterate and acknowledge here:


  • The camera system does not fix/stabilise on any point in space or on ground (though my experience of it does appear quite similar to ground stabilisation).
  • Likewise the camera system does not 'lock' on to objects; it has no locking functionality at all.


Based on my own experiences and a couple of reports I've read from other people, it does indeed 'feel' like there are circumstances when the camera control is being unjustly effected by certain factors.

The degree of helicopter movement I am referring to is too small to justify the magnitude by which the 'difficulty' of the camera slewing increases, and there's absolutely nothing I can think of to explain the 'inverted' control that arises at times.


I've no real world experience of the Viviane camera system or even observations taken from videos, so ultimately this is all subjective opinion and instinctive 'feelings' based on past experiences of comparable but very different systems.

Therefore I would very gladly appreciate comments or explanations from those more knowledgeable.

Would the development team be willing to provide their thoughts and interpretation of how this system should/does behave?

Any clarification possible on the factors and flight parameters that are known and deliberately intended to take such effect?


Even better, perhaps there is something 'wrong' in my setup that can be resolved?


Many thanks.

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I experience the same problem than you.

I have notice, for the "inverted" control of the viviane camera, that the problem appen when i use the axes of the joystick, but not when I use the hat of the joystick (mapped like buttons and not axes in my configuration).

An another thing, the camera fix/stabilise on ground when I use the hat of the joystick. Using the axes of the joystick make me loose thit possibility the most part of the time and aleatory.

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The "locking" functionality doesn't play by the same rules as the player input, so it's even stronger than what is even possible for you to add. That's why, even at max deflection, the camera will still slew too slowly to fight the yaw rate.


There's not even any way to evaluate whether it behaves realistically or not since there's no way to deactivate the locking functionality, and the control of the Viviane seems centered around heavily relying on it rather than based on the real thing.


Hopefully the Kiowa will be based on the real behaviour and then any shortcuts will work within those constraints - rather than independent of them, which leads to these messy results. Not really what I would consider a high quality product.

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