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Help, tips for A-4E-c beginners


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Hello pilots.:pilotfly:


I'm new to DCS

I really want to learn to fly the A-4Ec

This aircraft does not have the training topics like the P51 and the Su-25t that comes when installing the DCS.:(


So, I need help with that.:helpsmilie:

where do I find tips from this a-a4ec, manual.?:music_whistling:


:thumbup:Thank you.:thumbup:



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Some difficulties arose


Pilots, how are you?:thumbup:

After practicing I realized some problems that I am facing.


When I am going to prepare to use the bombs or rockets, I need to move the stick right or left at the time of the flight to be able to see and activate the commands. And that in flight is not good, the aircraft rolls in and almost the aircraft crashes. Could you do this preparation in another way? (maybe keyboard shortcuts?) Help me.:helpsmilie:


Another difficulty of mine.:helpsmilie:


In the Su-25t you have the option of bombs and missiles with laser-guided sighting on TV, in the A-4E-c would you have that option?:megalol:



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Did you try to look some tuto vids? Might help a lot







Thank you very much man.

It will help me a lot too.


That channel on youtube had not known.


Again, thank you very much and good flights.:pilotfly:


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