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Improved Air to Air Refuelling mechanics


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One of the annoying things about refuelling with AI is that they will fill their tanks completely, and the existing triggers and actions available are not able to prevent this.


For example, I've set up a mission to demonstrate how an AI aircraft refuelling process could work to make it a little more realistic as part of a campaign. In the track attached, the AI will approach the tanker on the port wing, wait for clearance, proceed to the refuelling point, then connect and take fuel. This is where things fall flat though. In this mission, I've set a trigger that stops the Refuelling task after approximately 3 minutes. The AI should then back off of the tanker and take up a position on the right-wing, but it ignores the command to stop the refuelling task and continues to refuel until at 100%, then continues with the next commanded task.


This isn't necessarily an issue with a single wingman, but when trying to script a full story type mission, it can make things a little tricky. The main issue occurs when you're tanking from a small tanker like the S-3B. In some missions that I've tried to design, a pair of Tomcats that hit the tanker before you do can easily drain everything an S-3B has and then some, and you and your wingman flapping in the breeze.


The request is to add a few items like trigger conditions to make refuelling a little better with AI.


The first is to add a Fuel state condition: "Units Fuel State Less / Greater than, Equals XX%" that can be used to detect how much fuel an aircraft has.


This then obviously needs to be tied into the refuelling task so that it can be stopped, as setting a stop condition on it now doesn't work.


The next is a triggered action stop command: "Stop condition: Fuel State greater than XX%"


The final request would be to add radio menu commands to refuelling menus for the amount requested: "Request 2000lbs" where the tanker will cut you off after delivering 2000lbs, or your tanks are full.


Player: "Texaco, approaching for refuel"

Texaco: "Player, cleared to approach, X,000lbs available"

Player: "Request 1000/2000/3000/etc. lbs"

Texaco: "Player, cleared to pre-contact, X,000lbs" or "Player, unable, X,000lbs available" then repeat step3


Then continue as-is with a transfer complete when X,000lbs is delivered.


With these options, you'd be able to approach a tanker yourself, request a certain amount of fuel and have it delivered before the tanker will initiate the disconnect call. You could then set triggers up for an AI wingman to refuel to a certain state based on the mission designers storyline and make for a much more immersive experience


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We need New aar models!

I agree with you.

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