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It's been 3 weeks now since the last Open Beta update (14th of January)

I don't wanna complain, but at the same time I m curious as to why there was no update in all this time

I'd really like to hear something about it. Maybe I missing something?



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Chizh said yesterday that 2.5.6 is nor ready yet (got some problem).

Let's wait and see. Better to get the good update, than the problematic one, right?

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Dear all,


While we had planned for a DCS World 2.5.6 Open Beta release this week, but we are still waiting on updating a couple of 3rd party aircraft to the new version, and we want a few more days to make sure new items like the Viper radar-directed gun sight and new pointing modes for the Hornet targeting pod are ready.


Thank you for your patience.


As mentioned here we are planning for an update early February, most likley next week, when we know for sure we will let you all know.


The team is preparing 2.5.6 and it needs a little more time.



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Well they dropped a bunch of updates for the hornet before Christmas, broke a bunch of things. Left us with it for the holiday's, they made it seem like we we're gonna see them fixed in January, and back to a stable build. But they just came back slapped a band-aid on it on the 14th, and its still broken, and now were into Mid-February for a potential fix. I don't have a problem with big updates taking longer. But when an update brakes other things that we're fine before, I want prompt fixes.


Like I want them to improve lighting, but I also want them to Finnish what they started. Who knows what issues this new update will bring, or how long it will take them to fix.

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Guess I'm confused, I was expecting an update for DCS World Beta today, when is it supposed to happen?



Usually the updates are on a Wendsday .... but of course, that does not mean that every Wendsday there will be an update :)

I prefer not to worry about updates and enjoy what I currently have.


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