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Communication procedures - Communicating with two parties

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Hi all,


Quick question regarding Mi-8 comms. How can we set it up so we can easily communicate between two parties?


As far as I can see, the two radios that are setup for two-way external communications are the R-863 and the YaDRO-1A.


The trouble is I don't see a way to communicate on one radio whilst monitoring the other radio. Ideally I'd like to have the YaDRO-1A setup for inter-flight comms and the R-863 for communicating with external frequencies like the tower and other flights.


But as far as I'm aware, if you change the rotary selector on the SPU-7 to one radio or the other, it stops monitoring the other radio.


So for example, if I wanted to get a brief from some ground troops about a CAS mission, and then relay that brief to my wingman, I'd have to speak to the ground controller on the R-863 and then switch to the YaDRO to tell my wingman. Obviously whilst I'm on the radio to one party, the other party can't communicate with me.


Is there a way around this that I'm missing? Or is this just a limitation of the airframe? Does anybody have any ideas how they'd have got around this limitation in real life, or would it entail both members of the flight switching frequency to remain up to date with information.


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The Mi8 also has the R-828 VHF FM radio. as with monitoring the different assets, I use SRS within our wing and it enbles you to set a certain radio to a certain ear. I usually have R863 on Left, R828 on Right ear and Yadro on both ears.



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With Simple Radio set up a hat switch to to select radio and serve as your PTT simultaneously.

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