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[FIXED] WMD7 pod laser search buddy lase problem

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Anyone else having problems with dropping a bomb on a target that your WMD7 pod isn't actually lasing itself?


For example, I have a target pod on but a JTAC is lasing an enemy:


1. The bomb settings: the same laser code as the laser source is set on the ground, drop mode is in CCRP (Auto), nose fusing is set

2. The pod is the same code as source and same as the bomb

3. laser search on the pod picks the laser from the JTAC perfectly fine

4. I will press the designate button to update my CCRP target (The WMD7 pod itself is still not lasing, just designating the release point)

5. I fly to the target and release the bomb at the correct time

6. The bomb releases correctly, but no boom on target.


I know the bomb released (i felt it), was the correct code (same as JTAC laser source), I dropped on a target that was being lased at the correct time (pod was picking up the laser via laser search and drop point was designated), and fusing was set.


I do not know what I am doing wrong or if this is a bug. Is anyone else having problems similar to mine?

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nose fusing is set


Change it to nose/tail. I seem to recall this is a bug of the weapon.

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Can confirm this, JTAC lasing problem has already reported internally, but due to the holidays, the cause of the bug has not been pinpointed yet.


Change it to nose/tail. I seem to recall this is a bug of the weapon.

Haven't tried this one.

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in my experience, i have a similar issue on buddylasing, from F-18 for instance

the gbu drops, is guided for a while, and then loose the laser everytime

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