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Eagerly awaited aircraft for DCS World


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What could be "an eagerly awaited aircraft for DCS World"?


Below DCS WORLD | 2020 AND BEYOND video there is a messege:

"Later this year, we are looking forward to announcing an eagerly awaited aircraft for DCS World."

Some ideas?

What is eagerly awaited? Some Russian 4th generation full fidelity are, but in AMA many times they stated it is impossible.

F-4 had been announced already, than suspended so i guess not this bird.

What else? Full fidelity F-15C fighter variant - eagerly like Eagle, Apache helicopter or F-111 - this three for sure.

Tornado also but considering it's multi national project i doubt it's even possible to obtain the license.


There is lot of potentially great airplaes to model but is there anything else which is already eagerly awaited? Some ideas?



Edit: and we know it's something which "melt our brains" and have never been announced before.

So no F-4, no AH-1, no Mi-24.

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I wish it would be the F-4


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NineLine said in Youtube comment it is not F-4 (which is on hold).



Everything is subject to change. Maybe by later this year it will be the F-4 :smilewink:

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We are a greedy communuty. So we are waiting for every aircraft eagerly

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Well, we already have the Mig-21. What other 4th Gen Aircraft could you want? :pilotfly:

1. Mig-21 is not 4th gen.

2. We want Mig-25, Mig-27, Mig-29, Mig-31, Su-22, Su-25, Su-27, Su-30, Su-34, uhm... I'm sure I forgot some.

3. Oh yeah, F-15C is what I want.

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Phantom, LOL :megalol:



The Phantom is "eagerly awaited" by a small minority. The vast majority would be DEEPLY DISAPPOINTED if the new "hot" module from ED is gonna be any old aircraft.



Personally I would also be very surprised if it's a "full module" of an existing FC3 aircraft like F-15C.




Here is what Matt Wagner said in October 2019



"Is there hope for an F-4 Phantom? If so, would it be off the mark wishing that the developer is Heatblur using the multi-crew experience and technology created building the Tomcat?


The Phantom is such a legendary aircraft that we will certainly simulate it. For now, we already have another aircraft (an eagerly awaited one) to work on after the Viper."






IMHO it is clearly implied it's an aircraft, not helicopter.

After reading this forum for more than 15 years, I'm convinced the majority are eagerly awaiting the newest and bestest.



Rafale, Typhoon, Su-35 - that's the kind of aircraft the majority are eagerly awaiting.



I say it's Rafale

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