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Mariana Islands Map & DCS: WWII

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Oh my god, the thought of WW2 carrier ops in the Pacific with carrier dive bombing/torpedo attacks, battleships and destroyers filling the sky with flak, supporting island invasions etc is just too ex

YEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!   :pilotfly:   Pappy would approve...  

If you don't like the pacific, then probably a discussion about the Pacific is one you would want to avoid, please stay on topic, and let's not turn this into another argument.   Normandy Map is bein

I have no illusions about why this map is slow to finish... It is free.:D

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Oh my god, the thought of WW2 carrier ops in the Pacific with carrier dive bombing/torpedo attacks, battleships and destroyers filling the sky with flak, supporting island invasions etc is just too exciting to cope with. I wish they'd just announce these things when they were ready 😬

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Release seems to be 2.7 centric, unfortunately does not look to include the whole chain in the initial release, does look great for carrier ops which is great with all the non official carrier mods coming into the community, though its a pity we dont have any WW2 carrier aircraft

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On 1/15/2020 at 2:30 PM, ViFF said:


The dash 5 was the most produced version of the Hellcat. Grumman switched production from dash 3 to dash 5 in April of 1944.


The Battle of the Phillipine Sea was in early June, but the campaign for the conquest of the Mariana Islands lasted through August 1944.


Or up to January 1972 if you count the last Japanese soldier to surrender :smartass:




1974 it was for Onoda Hirō as far as I know, for some more unsure cases even later?

I wait for that DCS mission^^ -> 'Fight Onoda Hirō - End the 2nd WW with the A-7E Corsair II'


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As excited as I am for the Marianas WW2 map, it seems kind of pointless if there are no flyable Japanese aircraft available (and WW2 carriers). Or at least some opposing AI aircraft. Unless everyone wants to just tail-chase each other in P-51s, FW 190s, and Corsairs in pretend combat. I surely hope that this awesome dev team has more content up their sleeve than a pretty island paradise. I don't mind waiting....

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As far as I know, the Marianas map releases first as a modern map, so it'll go well with aircraft like the JF-17, J-11, and the Tomcat and Hornet.  I'm looking forward more to the F-8J Crusader that Magnitude is working on, and I'm not sure I understand why they aren't prioritizing that over the Corsair since the Crusader would be more compatible with a modern version of the Marianas map, but that's another topic in itself.  I think to make a WWII version of the Marianas map realistic, we'd need a lot more AI models (ships, aircraft, and submarines), and new flyable modules to the tune of what Microsoft did with CFS2 back in the day.  CFS2 had the P-38(F), F-6F(-3), F-4F(-4), F4U(-1), A6M(2 and 5), and the N1K2J as flyable aircraft.  With the level of detail that DCS has, making all of that would be a tall order.  Right now there are only a couple of planes that I know of that actually exist that would be at home in a WWII version of the Marianas map - the P-51D and F-4U (when the latter is released).  There's all kinds of stuff that could fit well in a map like this that isn't currently in the pipeline (at least that I'm aware of), like:


Flyable Planes:

F6F Hellcat

F4F Wildcat

SBD Dauntless

TBF Avenger

P-38 Lightning

A6M Zero

D3A Val

B5N Kate



AI Planes:

G4M Betty

B-29 Superfortress

PBY Catalina



Essex Class CV

Independence Class CVL

Shokaku Class CV

Fletcher/Benson Class DD

South Dakota/Iowa Class BB

Cleveland Class CL

Baltimore Class CA

Mogami Class CA

Myoko Class CA

Fubuki/Kagero Class DD



Type C/D Class SS

Gato/Balao/Tench Class SS


Long list, but even longer for DCS.  ED and the third party devs could pick ten things out of that list and it would take them a good while to complete them all.  I have no idea when ED plans to release the WWII version of the Marianas map, but I doubt that it'll be missing all of this.  My guess is that they have some of these things in the works or at least projected to be and they just haven't said anything about it yet (in particular the ships and AI planes, though what they are working on could very well be different from that list I put together).  It might be a good while before they release the WWII version for that reason, because otherwise it would be kind of like what happened with the F-16C.

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