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Black Knights Squadron - Cooperative Squadron

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Hello All,


Black Knights Squadron (BKS) is looking for a couple motivated DCS World/Aviation enthusiast to apply for membership. BKS has a storied history of over 15 years of cooperative focused sim aviation flying. BKS flies on Monday nights at 2000 hours Central Time USA. If you enjoy cooperative multiplayer in DCS, and are an absolute nut for anything military aviation, you might be a fit for BKS!


Current primary requirements are Monday night availability, ability to proficiently fly the DCS: F-14B, and decent hardware and internet speed.


Make sure to watch this motivational video (our last CV Recovery Cam) and check out the squadron link in the video description! All applications must be made through the squadron website.


Moto Video:


Good luck! Hope to see you in the air!!! :pilotfly:



Operations Officer

Black Knights Squadron

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Hey all,


Black Knights Squadron still has TWO pilots openings that we are looking to fill, so if you are planning on applying get that application in ASAP! We kick off our F-14 focused Kosovo Campaign this coming week, so we are sure to have some intense coop missions ahead of us.


Here's the latest PLAT cam from today's mission. Hope to see you in the skies!

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Win 10 - Intel I7 7700k@4.6ghz water cooled - ASUS Z270 -EVGA GTX 1080 Ti SC2 Hybrid - 1000W PSU - 32GB 3200 G-Skill- Oculus Rift S

custon mip panel and side panels

Bodnar BU0836X, BBI32x2, BBI64x2

DSD 64

TM Warthog HOTAS

TM Cougar MFD'sx3

TM TPR pedals

Saitek Radiox2

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