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Couple of A-10A questions

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Hello guys!


I just bought this awsome bird and I would love to know it a bit better, so I got some questions for you.

1) What are preffered weapons to use in this?

2) What are you preffered axis curve settings (I started on 16 on all three of them)?

3) On my first takeof I got master alarm. I was playing on Havoc server and took off from Senaki Kolki and went for usual "X" for some target practise. I was a bit owerweight, but I saw on youtube that other players do this aswell. So I am guessing that I got hit with missle from that middle difficulty target area or I did something wrong on takeoff.


my routine on takeoff was this:

1) Power

2) Left engine

3) Right engine

4) APU shutdown automatically as I heared

5) Flaps on first position and takeoof after long run at 170 Kn.

Then as usual gear up and flaps in.

I got emediatelly painted ba some radars, I also did hear something that sounded like I am shot at, but I am unsure (new plane XD)


Anyway. As you might gues by now I do love this simpler version of A-10C and I do aprecialte any help and tips :)

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1. Against what target? Generally dumb bombs usually can take care of most targets. For bigger area use cluster munition. For precision and stand-off use Mavericks. Gun and unguided rockets are great for visual strafe close in on lighter armoured targets. Against some air threats - AIM-9.

2. Depends on your preference and hardware. If you find enough precision from the current setting - use it. No curve gives you linear response from the stick. Curve will take some sensitivity from one range to the other.

3. Without the track or video we cannot guess what happened. Refer to the manual for warning panel and RWR sounds/symbols.

4. Start-up is very simplified here - no control over APU - just start the power and engines.

5. Rotation speed depends on total weight.

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I recommend:


Payload 1: 4xAIM-9 L or M, 6xAGM-65 D Mavericks, 3xCBU-97 (In the belly of the plane)

Payload 2: 1xALQ-184 ECM (E in the keyboard to actívate them), 2xAIM-9 L or M, 6xAGM-65 D Mavericks, 3xCBU-97


General Info and tips:

- Main difference of the AIM-9 L and M is that the M variant is smokeless, so no smoke when fired, but if you like to see the missile go for the objective, like me, use the L variant, if you don't like it, use the M.


- The AIM-9 P, is rear aspect only, and the AIM-9P has a really worse turn rate than the L/M variant.


- The AIM-9P5 is the same as the P variant, but with full aspect seeker.


- Mavericks are one of the greatest point of the A10, so use it always, the D variant is IR, and the H is TV (TV doesn't work at night, and is harder to look for objectives in general)


- CBU-97 are the best cluster bombs, basically, is a cluster bomb, with intelligent submunitions that look for the objectives (Try them with a car, drop the bomb, and press F6 to watch the bomb)


- I prefer to go with 4 AIM9, because you don't know when you're going to spot an enemy helicopter, but thats depending preferencies.


- If you can avoid flying low, that's quite important for avoiding AAA and ManPads. Fly at 15-25k ft and use the Autopilot (Really confy to use)


Have fun and if you have any question or something you can DM me or answer this thread!! See you in the Air!!!

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Thank you for help.


In mean time I did some more flights and came to conclusion that I got hit by nearby enemy area or I hit something on long takeoff roll. Other times all was ok. I also noticed that you do need altitude for best firing solutions. So far I am flying by hand but I did notice that plane like to slightly roll to right if I am correct, which is annoying and I am out of trim buttons by now so I guess reprogram will take place. I used mostly Mavericks , D version for now and realised only later that range is 7 nm (lol), I am also still failing with bombs but It will take time for me to get used to new shortcuts on joystick. Anyway, see you in game and off to practise.

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Any imbalance (ex. after store release) will have to be trimmed out. The wind will add to the effect on the ground so you will have to use rudders instead.

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I would recommend to install Tacview (https://www.tacview.net/). If you crash again or get shot down, you can analyse what happened.

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