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Placing ground objects not on ground...

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I know, it sounds nuts. But the logic is sound, I promise.


I'm writing a campaign along similar lines to Jackal but updated. At one point I want to have a shipping strike mission (it fits in the story arc well) and need to give the target ship some air defence. I really want to stick a couple of MANPADS on board, but of the course the editor won't allow me to place MANPADS on what it sees as water...


I'm pretty sure there's something simple, but if someone could point me at it that would be brilliant.


As an aside, is it also possible to make static objects destructible? I'm thinking of, say, hitting an oil platform with a cluster of 120mm rockets (which would certainly spoil their day in the real world)


Thanks and Happy New Year



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I want to do the exact same thing mate and desperately need more trigger actions for ships too (as well as different ship models etc etc

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