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[NOT REALISTIC] Does Viper has doule 120c rack?


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90% of MP servers look like my sig pic 😅



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Just my two cents:


Some guys may not know but F/A-18C with 6 AMRAAMs+ 2x9X is subsonic on full afterburner, even at 15-25,000ft.


His AMRAAMs fired from subsonic speed have very low energy and he doesn't stand a chance against F/A-18C with only two AMRAAMs on fuselage low drag semi-recess pylons given both are at least decent and know what they are doing.

That's my experience from competitive Blue flag.


AMRAAM truck configuration works only in two cases: against braindead AI and against completely new guy who doesn't have any idea what to do.


Look at guys from the top of the table flying F-16s, they fly mostly with 2xAMRAAM only, not even AIM-9, sometimes with 4xAMRAAM only.


6xAMRAAM is already too much drag for the F-16 to fight against a good pilot.


Two AMRAAMs fired from Mach 1.5 have a lot bigger KP than twenty AMRAAMs fired from Mach 0.9

Quantity will not add them even 10 additional knots of speed. Slow draggy plane's missiles will have far smaller NEZ and that's it, simple math.



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On 1/9/2020 at 6:47 AM, FlankerKiller said:

The F-15X can carry like 12 AMRAAMs


The F-15EX will be able to carry as many as 22 AIM-9X Sidewinder and AMRAAM medium range air-to-air missiles.

The aircraft has 11 hard points on the underside.

It's amazing what you can find with the internet.  Everything on the internet is true.

All that being said, my home state is the first to be getting the EX ( 142d FW (PANG) and 123d FW (Kingsley) )







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On 1/8/2020 at 1:26 PM, Fri13 said:

For these reasons I seriously wish that ED would implement a fee for a multiplayer in DCS. Every aircraft costs nominal 5€ fee. And a virtual pilot life costs 10€.


Now, if you damage or destroy your aircraft, you need to pay 5€ to get a new license to fly.

If your virtual life is lost (your virtual pilot dies) then you need to pay 10€ license to get back to online.


Now, lets see how many still wants those 6 missiles or more for air quake....

bro stop you sound like somone from EA

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21 minutes ago, Jarle said:

bro stop you sound like somone from EA

That is where I got the idea for that joke...


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