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[NO BUG]A-10C radio, no one will respond or react.


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Helloo, i am playing the enemy within campaign for 18 missions long already, and out of nowhere my radio does not transmit, i have done everything within my power, check right freq, restart, re-install the game, and the radio still does not work. Nowere, i have also tryed to start another campaign and also there it does not work. Even after trying different settings like easy coms off/on there is no difference,


Once i start mission 18, you will push to 41 for your wingman, and also for overload (dont know freq right now) en push 133 for kobuleti. I have tryed everythink but non wil reply, startup, take-off, taxi, non. My wingman does follow me and i can hear him saying rejoin and wheels up and stuff. At WP3 i can hear overload and i will respond properly in voice, but when i assins colt1-1 to engage, or my wingman to engage the enemy, nothing happens, no respond what so ever.



This happens in every mission i will play with the a-10c


Once i start another mission in the f15 or another, it will work properly.


Is there anybody that can help because after playing 18 missions correctly, i am dying to play the whole campaign.


I am sorry iff my english is not that great, i am from holland so my typing in english is not that great!

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Welcome to the forums ! Have you checked your transmit key bindings for the A-10C ?

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You might wanna write up a thread in the forum section for this campaign.


First couple of things which come to mind are.....


Make sure you are trying to transmit on the correct radio, the A-10C has 3, you have to press the correct key combination to speak on a specific radio. Flaming Cliffs aircraft, like the F-15 and unlike the A-10, have a universal radio which listens and transmits to all frequencies, made for user ease as it is not a full fidelity aircraft.



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I will go to the Campaign page then, the reason i dropped it here is because it is nog working on other missions to, but wil post some Photo´s in my new post then. Where you can see the freq i have set them in. and all the information.

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I forgot to send the reply on the last post,

For the whole campaign i have easy comms off all the time, the key binding i use is \ on my keyboard, the so called interphone, for over 18 missions it worked perfectly, i just had to manualy set the right frq in the right radio,. whn you have the wrong radio freq during mission 1 till 18 you will see that in you radio menu the qingman and lets say awacs are darkgrey and can not be called of used, and when you push on your radio the right freq you wil see that they will turn bright white.


When i start mission 19, and this is where i saw something was not right, all present options in the radio menu are white, they are just nog responding, only ground crew will respond.

The bright white will even happend when i have the wrong freq on all my radio's


After then setting up my right radio frq i can hear overload, i can hear my wingman, but when i deside to reply in like, engage ground target's, of formation buttons, i can hear the pilot (me) saying the command but nothing happens, there is no reaction from the AI.

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yeah \ isn't a radio command in the A-10C, not sure how you got 18 missions in before that became a problem.



This is kinda a "sim-ism" that isn't really intuitive, solves a problem caused only by the nature of the simulation, but is pretty easy to wrap your head around once you figure it out.



Of course in a real aircraft; you turn the proper radio on, set the proper frequency, press the transmit switch, and speak your message into the microphone.



We can't literally speak into our computer microphones (unless you use SRS :thumbup:) so to interact with the world a set of "communication commands" are available. These are accessed through the "communication menu" which is the list you see on the top right of the screen. You access this via the appropriate command.. it appears this is the one you've been using for 18 missions. You choose a command and it is spoken by the pilot.



On the ground, with the canopy open+engine off, or through the interphone this is fine. You will get a response. In flight or on the ground with very loud engines running you require either the interphone or the radio.



The A-10C has three different communication radios, with a combined 3-way transmit switch. It's not enough to speak the command via communication menu, you must choose and activate the correct transmit switch while you speak.



But DCS helps a bit, when you active the correct transmit switch, it figures you want to speak into it, so it displays the communication menu. Look it at the very top line of this menu, it tells you what means of transmission you have chosen (radio name, else INTERPHONE).



Hope this helps.. probably took me 2 years to figure it out :book:

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Since the new cockpit, I have found that when I call an airport, say Batumi on 131.000, I get a reply from a completely different airport responding. This may indicate an issue with the A10c radio tuning?



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Well, when it turn's out this is the problem i indeed do not know how i managed it for 18 missions.

So there are what i think right now two keybindings, the \ for the main communication and alt + for the what i see is the VHF en FM radio, now i only fly the a-10c for about 2 months now but i think with VHF and FM you have your wingman and your airport, sinds overload is a UHF i guess,


I have tryed to use the alt + communication menu also to see if wingman were responding but there was no sign of a response.


Can you/somebody tell me if i am wrong and there are other keybindings i am forgetting now on the keyboard. I know alot, but we all know alot more :D

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Where you can see the freq i have set them in. and all the information.

This makes me think you played with easy comms (nothing wrong with that) all the way up until mission 18 and then, probably by accident, unticked the easy comms in the options menu. Which now means you need to select the proper radio VHF AM, VHF FM or UHF AM, dial in the proper radio frequency and make sure the radio is on. Once you use the correct key combo for each radio you will find that the radio menu (top right) will display the radio you selected.

If you use \ to bring up the radio menu, it will stay locked to the radio you last selected.


This information can be found in the briefing before the mission and on the kneeboard while in the mission. You can also get airport freq, runway headings, ILS freq etc...) info out of the F10 Map view by clicking on an airport icon.

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I could believe it.


You transmit messages on the interphone, no response, so you do the action anyways and ATC gives you a clearance... you come to believe that's normal ops

the radios might be set up for each mission, thus you don't have to look for frequencies in the briefing, documentation, or kneeboard charts. it just works...

you give instructions to wingmen, hear yourself speak, but the wingmen never respond. perhaps you believe they are carrying out your tasks, and you hear their other reports to you

I haven't tried the Enemy Within campaign but there are probably mission triggers activated by the same communications menu.. they might even have dialogue associated.. so you come to believe that the comms are working

after 18 missions of "the radios are kinda weird" you come to realize "wait, nobody's responding to me all of a sudden"


it's a possible scenario...

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I know what you are saying, and i honneslty dont know iff i played in easy comms or not, and will never find out since i tryed the mission with easy comms on and off.


Regardless if easy coms are on or off, every mission i tune in all the right frequencie´s statet in the briefing, so that is not the problem, what might be the problem is the right radio selected.

On that on i need a bit more info from you guys that i would appreciate.


I have always all my radio´s in the On Pos in the begin. Dual al the right frequentcie´s

I hear you guys saying about 4 diffecten keybinding select option´s for the 4 different radio´s and that when you selecd \ it will automaticaly use the last one used.

So how can i set my selector to the remaining 3 others, since i only know the key's on my keyboard are \ for the main communication menu, and alt + for what look to be VHF FM.


Still greatfull you guys will help!

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Well guys, i kinda screwed up here, i tyed to skip the mission to see iff it would work the old way with the next one, but now i am finding myself in mission 1 again, well lets just accept that and move on. I wanna start from scratch and start over now with easy comms off. (dubbel checked that)


And yess indeed i see that the problem (maybe not a problem) is again with no response at all.

But i want to learn. so i tryed some combinations and now i need your help.


Can somebody please tell me with radio is for what

I see that there are multiple key bindings doing something,


L alt + = VHF AM

L alt - = CB VHF

\ is still for main/ interphone.


So all i need to know is what radio is for the right key binding and name so that i can try easy mode off.

i think that the problem will be solved then. :D

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To save myself a lot of typing, the various radios are described within the A-10C flight manual, pages 139-145. The HOTAS Microphone control is shown on page 90, and a description of it's operation is on page 91.

In addition, there is an entire chapter devoted to the communications simulation on pages 628-652.

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The following radios have the following common names, characteristics and controls:


ARC-186 (AM)

HOTAS MIC Switch Forward



"Alpha Mike"



HOTAS Mic Switch Down




ARC-186 (FM)

HOTAS Mic Switch Aft



"Fox Mike"

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Download Chucks guide too if you haven't already päb0594


It's also getting a redo very soon.





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Others have already stated the details but I figure I will put it in more generalized terms. In order to properly use the radios in the A-10C module, you will need to bind the individual positions of the mic switch. In order to do this, you will need to go into the controls menu and look for the category pull-down menu on the top left corner. It will be next to another pull-down menu where you can choose the different aircraft modules you want to bind controls for. On that category pull-down, select "HOTAS" and you will be presented with ONLY the HOTAS controls that can be potentially bound. Once there, you will be able to find the "mic switch" and will need to bind all of them to convenient controls (or at least make note of the keyboard binds and write them down if you can't bind them to anything).


You do not use the "" key at all to use the radios in the A-10C. That is only for intercom on the ground or for aircraft modules with only one radio.


It is useful to note that most modern NATO aircraft have multiple radios and all are treated in a similar fashion. For example, the Hornet has two radios that you need to individually select via different mic switch positions. Again. one who is flying the Hornet module would not use the "" key to control the radio and would only use the mic-switch controls.

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