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I know, when its ready ;D, two weeks?


Any speculations?


On screenshots looks near final stage? It could be for open beta also before.

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Well this surely opens up the potential for WWII Pacific Theater Aircraft and WWII Assets like a flat-top straight deck carrier, battleships, and more.

"There are only two types of aircraft, Fighters and Targets." Doyle "Wahoo" Nicholson


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March 18th 2021



Plus an additional 2 Weeks I'm guessing! :pilotfly:

"There are only two types of aircraft, Fighters and Targets." Doyle "Wahoo" Nicholson


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Hmmm... Im guessing an end of the year as a target then.


Something like that!


I'll be happy to have another map whenever, so would hope by within 3 or 4 months.

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Seems like a pretty low land mass so surely much faster to develop then other maps


Gotta write missions as well. Dunno if it will come with any, or if the 3rd party devs were given a chance to write missions for their aircraft as well

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This year, maybe ??

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On Kate’s production post, Marianas is long term and behind the Channel


Who is Kate, and where's that statement?

I don't understand anything in russian except Davai Davai!

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Who is Kate, and where's that statement?



Quality Assurance Update

Development Report


Dear Community,


We read you, we hear you, we listen to you and we are working for you! Thank you for being with us and for your help to improve DCS World.


We delivered DCS World 2.5.6 Open Beta on February, 14.

Every version increase of 2.5.X is a cumulative update of the core environment. The feedback that we received from our community, especially with regards to multiplayer, is helping us to improve the delivery process.


The release of an unstable Open Beta to our clients has taught us an important lesson, and we are committed to improving the QA before an Open Beta delivery.


Our updated process includes:


  • Longer internal QA testing and debugging.
  • Earlier external Beta Tester access to Release Candidates. How to become a Beta Tester. English & Russian links.
  • A new closed Eagle Dynamics dedicated multiplayer testing server. The invitations will be announced soon.
  • DCS Open Beta delivery.
  • Hotfix process (if required).
  • DCS Stable delivery.


We will try to keep a schedule of 2-week iterations once the DCS World 2.5.6 Stable is released.


I have started posting development milestones on Reddit in the Hoggit community which you can read here. These will also be posted to our official forums.


I will continue to inform you about the progress of each project on our official ED forum.


Kate Perederko

Chief Operating Officer Eagle Dynamics

Intel i7-4790K @ 4x4GHz + 16 GB DDR3 + Nvidia Geforce RTX 2080 (8 GB VRAM) + M.2 SSD + Windows 10 64Bit


DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


Tornado3 small.jpg

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