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AI Unit Stop Condition

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I'm working on a SEAD/Escort mission and I'm a bit stuck on something. Hopefully someone can help me out. :)


I have 2 AI B1s set to orbit at the IP until SAM radars are damaged/destroyed. After they are taken out the bombers are meant to continue to their target and drop their bombs. Instead they just continue orbiting.


I'm sure its just that I don't fully understand how to use flags. Or perhaps I should be going about this totally different.


I made a trigger that once all three SAM radars are damaged then a flag value 1 is triggered.

In the AI STOP CONDITION for the orbit I checked user flag is 1.

The following action is the bombing run.


If anyone can take a look at this and figure out what I'm doing wrong it would be much appreciated!

Escort B-1's Against Bandar Abbas TEST..miz



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Hi bud, just tested this for you and there's no issue with the triggers or your work as far as I can tell. I manually create a radio item to force Flag1 and your aircraft stopped orbitting and continued to carry out bombing. I think your issue is that your flag needs all three radars to be damaged before it initiates flag1 so maybe you just weren't damaging them enough when you were testing yourself. I've attached the updated script so you can prove to yourself it's all good. Note I've put the CAP on late activation and the SAM are still active and so B1s will be shot down.....

Escort B-1's Against Bandar Abbas TESTversion2..miz

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