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Capture the Flag - Single Player - F-16C Aggressor or F-14B Students


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In this mission, Blue flies 6*F-14B out of Nellis with the purpose of overflying Nav Point India, just a few miles NW of Rachel. Red flies 4*F-16C aggressor out of Tonopah. The Blue F-14 that overflies India becomes the "flagbearer." The flagbearer must also overfly Nellis to win. If the flagbearer is destroyed, Red wins the exercise.


The "F-16C Aggressor skin pack V1.3" by Filip Hoff is recommended to dress up your Aggressors, but the download is optional. That file is available on the DCS User Files section of the site if you search for it.


There are two files attached here. The first allows you to fly Blue, the second Red, as an aggressor. Otherwise, both missions are mostly the same with some small variations.


Good luck!


Feedback welcome.

Capture the Flag SP F-16C Aggressor v1.0.miz

Capture the Flag SP F-14B Tomcat v1.0.miz

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