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DCS FA-18 Hornet..


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In the future, try a more descriptive title for the problem you're having, otherwise having a generic thread title like this might cause people to overlook your thread who might know the answers.

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If it happens every time then you are the problem sir.


You need to make sure you are in the right PRF frequency for the range of the target and also have the correct elevation set on your radar.

Not doing either of these will result in you not being able to lock the target. And while the radar is still clunky and a little buggy it no where near as bad as you're describing.


Before you try to lock a target its best practice to make sure you are actually painting the target first. You can tell you are painting the target with your own radar because the symbology on the radar screen will change and you will see some numerical data indicating mach speed and angels of the bandit show on the radar screen.

Once you see this numerical data and new symbology you know your radar is painting the target with the correct PRF and elevation settings and you can go ahead and lock him.

While it is very clunky as I mentioned earlier on 'technically' there is nothing 'wrong' with the radar, yes it is hard work to use and can be very stressful but if used properly it does work very well.



I'm hoping for improvements in its performance with the release of TWS etc.


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Aside from the advice (and other comments made above) - it is very important to make sure your radar antenna elevation is in the correct parameter to acquire and lock the desired target.


Example: Two contacts on the same bearing, but separated by 20NM, the closer target at angels 20 and the further at angels 40 - if you radar antenna elevation is set to scan between 32-54, it will lock the track that is in that bar scan elevation range, rather than the track that is closer in range.





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Santa is fixing this

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Another technique if you are trying to lock a specific contact within a group - place your radar cursors on the outside edge of the contact you want to lock in STT and then command lock while sliding the cursor slowly over the contact.


For instance, if you have two bandits in a line abreast formation (side, side) and on the radar the two bricks are almost touching and you want to lock the left hand contact (scope apparent) - then place the cursor just on the outside left edge of the left contact, command lock as you slide the cursor in from the edge of the brick. Same thing applies if you have bandits in range. If you want to lock the nearest contact, then place the cursor just in front, command lock and slide the cursor up into the brick. If you want the trail bandit, place the cursor behind...... etc.


This will usually prevent you from locking the wrong bandit. If you just place the cursor over the blob and command lock - it's luck of the draw which one the radar will pick.


Edit to add: All the other stuff people said above are correct. Make sure your antenna elevation is covering the altitude band of the contacts. Once you meld into the group, ideally you want to narrow your AZ sweep and reduce your antenna bar scan down and center the altitude coverage over the group altitude in order to get much faster "paints" of the contacts. The downside of this of course is that if the bandits start to maneuver before you get your final STT, they could easily get outside your now narrow radar footprint and you could lose them. So you usually don't want to narrow this down until you are getting close to taking your final lock before shot range.

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