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Hey folks,


i have basic knowledge of creating one. but im trying to do something a little advanced in my eyes.


Basically i have a Server and my computer.


I have a folder called Pics on the computer which is updated every week with new pics, which i organise by putting them into weekly folders eg:


C:\pics\01-11-07\ then pictures

\08-11-07\ then pictures



what i want to create is a batch file which will look in the pics folder for any new file then copy any new files to a folder on the server.


i know i could you the briefcase option but this copys the structure aswell, where as i just the new files copied.


anyone help?


many thanks


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Have a look at a program called ROBOCopy (free) - it has a mirror option that can duplicate one directory structure or files onto another. Be warned, it can also delete files - so make sure the source and target are right! It has 1000s of other useful options as well.

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