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The JF-17 need skin section here aswell.

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Agree. Please add a JF-17 skins section.


Thank you.

NZXT-Phantom820; Gigabyte Aorus x570 Master:Ryzen 3950x Corsair H150i;AORUS GTX 1080 Ti 11G; 32GB(2x16)G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600MHz(16-16-16-36); Aorus PCIe Gen4 m.2 NMVe 2TB SSD;Samsung EvoPlusM.2NMVe 1TB SSD;Crucial M4 128GB SSD+Crucial M4 256GB SSD: Coolermaster 1200W psu; CH Fighterstick+CH Pro pedals+Saitek X45

Win10 64bit

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{"pilot helmet", 0, "pilot_helmet", false};

{"pilot helmet", 0, "pilot_helmet_norm", false};

{"pilot helmet", ROUGHNESS_METALLIC, "pilot_helmet_roughmet", false};


Thanks so much, can I ask though where is the default lua located in the game files?

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I dunno why but I had to remove {"pilot helmet", 0, "pilot_helmet_norm", false};


As in model viewer the helmet was drawn with roughmet showing uppermost. Anyway got it to work for my mate so thanks


The possible entries to be changed for the textures of each model can be found in the ModelViewer by creating a model lua. Always name this with the name of the model. The entries are all possible "false" changes. You do not have to enter entries that you do not change and then remain "true". In the tab of the ModelViewer you will find the option "generate livery file" to create this model-lua. In this specific case you only have the texture for the entry {"pilot helmet", 0, "pilot_helmet", false}; changed, both other entries then stay away. In order to change the colors of bombs and records you have to search for the corresponding edm's and create your own model-lua. The entries for these changed textures also appear in the entry for the description.lua of the main model. The Model-lua`s are always just read-like.

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