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Mission 6 broken

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Uff, good news - found the issue and now it is internally fixed. Took me a few hours to figure it out. There was a flight of F-16s landing at the beginning of the mission and as long as they were anywhere on the taxiway, other flights wouldn't move... Removed the damn Vipers and all is good. Should be out with the next OB update, unless it is released tomorrow, then we will have to wait for Wednesday.

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Same Issue


Hey BD,


I'm having this same problem. Nobody will taxi out after I do. My wingman is parked in the shade hanger but there is a Hemtt right in the way. That might be the problem. Maybe nobody will taxi until my wingman does. I have the radios set, request taxi, im holding short at 03R for a few minutes and nobody is moving. Any ideas?

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