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Body of the pilot and voice of the female driver and not only ...


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Hi to all boys and girls, (because you are there too, even if anonymous ...) =)


This new Thread that I am personally opening is to ask all of you to support me on a "fundamental" request for a simulator as realistic as that of DCS World. On Facebook I opened a page about this simulator on which day new enthusiasts who follow me arrive. There is talk of the simulator in question (but also of other simulators) and they too have always known that my personal struggle with all the aircraft manufacturers for DCS and the Eagles Dynamics itself, is that based on the BODY PILOT first and third person topic but not only...

Don't tell me that flying into virtual reality like ghosts inside your cabins is exciting and realistic. I wouldn't believe you if you paid me. And worse for a simulator like DCS is to ignore the FEMININE component in the simulation altogether. How many of you pilots would be disturbed to be represented in simualtion only with a female voice and a female avatar?

For the same reason, a woman who believes in simualtion, identifies herself with it and gets excited by it, it is frustrating to see herself then represented exclusively by a male pilot and by his radio communications, all exclusively for men.

So I'm here to ask you to support me all in this campaign of mine that you believe me, it's not a FRIVOLY, but a sign of respect towards the women who fly like you in DCS.


I therefore ask Eagles Dynamics and all its collaborators to insert a FEMININE pilot avatar into the cockpit of all the planes and to insert all the radio communications that depart from the plane towards the entire flying theater, ... even for women. It will be enough during the briefing, to decide which pilot to fly with and therefore with the voice to adopt.


And above all I ask you NOT to omit the body of the pilot in FIRST PERSON. Flying like ghosts is not likely in desktops and even less in VR. And for such a precise simulator it is a MADORNAL ERROR.


How do you create a female driver?


In the 3D editor they use, they must simply sculpt a female face, and if you are careful and notice in reality, a woman usually tends to make a braid that falls on her shoulders from under the helmet. Here, this is an indication that would highlight that the pilot is actually a woman ...


We do not say that you would not notice the difference between men and women in pilots because it is not so. If you look at your pilot in the face, you can see very well that he is a male face with concentrated eyes and low eyebrows on his eyes. So the faces are noticed and also very well.


For those who find the body of the pilot uncomfortable in the first person, just press a certain combination of two keys and the body is hidden. But we all have the right to fly seeing us ALIVE in the simualtore and not GHOST and above all we have the right to be represented in the simulator with the sex that we desire.


Taking into account the cost of each individual aircraft, I would say that my request is not pure madness ...


Thanks to all of you and I hope you will support me.


You can find me by typing in Facebook my name which will now sign this new Thread.



(Fenice Oriente)

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It's not a bad request in and of itself, nor would it be difficult to do. Nevertheless previous requests were sometimes couched in SJW phrasing, and a deluge of aggressive neckbeards tend to descend on these threads even if they AREN'T couched in SJW phrasing. So expect that.


But again, it wouldn't be hard, and yes it's a reasonable request. I believe in past times ED mentioned being open to the idea but that it was low priority. So it's probably on the list to get done ''some day''.



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I support this request.


It may not seem like a high priority, but again, that is our patriarchal norms talking. We guys don't realize it because we are acclimated to it. I feel it should be moved up in priority, even if it delays the "next cool module" a few weeks or so.


The little things matter.

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I think it's not a bad basic idea, surely seeing the body of the pilot is more immersive (especially with VR) and it's also pretty as a thing, but not essential, moreover some prefer not to see it, i'm for both. I believe that in the end seeing a female face in the pilot's model or that of a black man is a very personal matter, the same thing for the voice. From my point of view we must not make it a question of respect or struggle between the sexes. Personally, apart from DCS, among my favorite games there are those with female characters, and i must say that i can immerse myself in the character and i would not change anything.

So ultimately, the sex of the character has nothing to do with the passion for flying and only serves a personal immersion in the sim and therefore is not a priority. However I support the idea, just don't make this sim decorated with flowers (even if i like flowers:lol:).

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I don't understand why the option of a female voice hasn't happened already.


I can understand that they might not want to add code / make models to allow changing the actual pilot, but there would be almost no effort required from E.D. to enable the voices.


They already have a system to choose between voices (Russian / Western) that I'd bet ( but only a little bit of :-) money could have 4 options instead of 2 with an absolute minimum of coding, and I'm pretty sure that they could get a number of volunteers to do the voice acting / QA on the voice acting all for free if they asked the community (as a number of the voice components of previous campaigns have already been).



So why not ?


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I'm all for a female voices in DCS, so long as Wags does all the recordings :music_whistling::thumbup:


On a more serious note:


Don't tell me that flying into virtual reality like ghosts inside your cabins is exciting and realistic. I wouldn't believe you if you paid me.
I'll tell it to you. No.. I ain't paying you!


While I can appreciate the option of having a pilot body, the first thing I do when I load a cockpit in DCS is disable the pilot body. I do feel that having a pilot visible in the external model is important, I feel the opposite is true from the 1st person perspective.

I use a 2d display with TrackIR view control. I feel the pilot body breaks immersion for me.


In a real cockpit I can locate controls by feel alone, or I can move my head/legs to visually identify it. While I can move my head with TrackIR, I cannot move the rendered limbs. Probably of more importance, I have many many many years of experience looking at controls and flying an empty cockpit.. so for me the experience is completely natural. I have never felt that a human body was rendered in enough detail... and the only thing it does is limit my view of controls. No thanks.



While I don't agree with the identity politics position advocated. I can agree that it would be nice for pilot options, including race, gender, uniform color/type, patches, and changeable equipment such as helmet types, oxygen masks, and life vests.

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Communications is absolutely something I'd go for and it is definitely something that would tangibly benefit DCS for everybody. It basically has no downsides nor is it misappropriate. Comms is something very lacking in DCS and this is the best solution to that - it solves the problem and does so for everybody.


With the pilot body however, as simple as it is I'm with randomTOTEN, looking around on YouTube, screenshots etc and it seems the overwhelming majority turn it off - especially when it actually gets in the way. Plus it would be very difficult to actual make a female pilot body considering what you can actually see in cockpit, to the point that I find it very likely that you wouldn't be able to tell even if changed, there really is very little for you to see and discern sex and skin colour even with what we have already.


Couple this with the plethora of long outdated models ranging from aircraft (I've been here just over 5 years, aside from modules we've got new MiG-29s (okay hazy, not a module per se) and an Su-34?), ground vehicles, watercraft and even weapons. I believe these are far more important than a pilot body that for most it seems is just something to turn off. Now if they changed it that's absolutely fine, I really am physically unable to care less about it, as it stands no game I've ever played had a character that looked or sounded remotely like me - but then I don't play games or use DCS so I can see myself in the mirror - I prefer to turn me into the character rather than get the character to conform to me but obviously mileage varies.



TL;DR - comms absolutely yes, this is a lacking feature that impacts everyone who uses it and is a key part in the flight sim experience. Pilot bodies - I really couldn't care if it was changed but I think it is a less appropriate solution when there, in my opinion more pressing 3D issues to rectify before focusing on something trivial, especially when I really can't see it making that much of a difference and when it's a feature that is turned off.

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I'd rather they updated all those ugly models like S-3.


Really don't care if the face of a pilot in external view looks a bit more feminine.


And I almost never use 'Pilot body on' option' in the cockpit.


Comms could be more mixed, yes - but again, there are far more important things to improve than this first.

So many modules, so little time...



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Don't tell me that flying into virtual reality like ghosts inside your cabins is exciting and realistic. I wouldn't believe you if you paid me.

I find this quite interessting, because I actually really don't care. I fly DCS with the pilot body deactivated, but if I would have it activated I really wouldn't care if it would be a female or a male (maybe in WW2 aircraft I would care due to historic authenticity). When I jump in the jet I jump into the character of the pilot who flies that jet. I don't care what gender that character has, meaning I would have no issue with it if it would be a female character.

But that's just me ;)


So yeah, while I personally don't see missing female representation as a big issue (again, I fly without pilot body), I wouldn't mind it either if it would get implemented (both voice and body). :)


Btw, this request was discussed quite a lot in this thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=208740

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Personally I find the voice which is supposedly “mine” communicating to ATC etc quite immersion breaking, so I prefer to use VAICOM and switch off any player simulated comms.


I exclusively use VR and prefer the pilot body on but I really couldn’t tell with a pilot suit on if the height, weight, gender or race matched my own, it just looks close enough to be convincing that I have a body.


I don’t care about external views, male or female avatars aren’t going to look like me unless we have a huge range to select from. Sure it would be nice but this isn’t the Sims, if it could be added with minimal resource then great, otherwise it seems a low priority to me.


The more variety we can have in ATC the better, though this probably could be best served by the community with voice packs, especially when it comes to languages. Covering every base seems a massive task.

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There is low cost method for the sound to use the filters and change the pitch and tone of the already recorded voices. Playing with different values we could have bunch of different people voices simulated with just one set of recordings. Don't know if it's feasible to be done real-time or it'd have to be new files for each voice.

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