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JTF-13 Looking for Pilots and RIOs

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Our Website: http://www.jtf13.com

Active Squadrons:


VMFA(AW)-224 "Fighting Bengals" (F/A-18 )


VF-103 "Jolly Rogers" (F-14b )


93rd FS "Makos" (F-16 )




Training Squadrons:


VT-9 "Tigers"


49th FTS "Black Knights"





* International Group with members from all over.

* No tight/strict schedule (but we are looking for active members)

* We fly the F-18, F-14, AV-8B, F-5, A-10 and the F-16.

* We are noob friendly and willing to teach on all the airframes listed above.

* Chill environment


Joint Task Force 13 currently has 3 squadrons, VFMA-224 Fighting Bengals (F/A-18c), VF-103 Jolly Rogers (F-14B), and the 93rd Makos (F-16c), as well as 2 training squadrons. If your squadron is flying another airframe but you are still interested in joining as a squadron under JTF-13, feel free to contact us at the info provided.


It is important to note that we are not a mil-sim group, but rather a collection of like-minded aviation enthusiasts, and because of this, we do not focus on seniority and command, but more so on what is best for the group. With that said, we still have some hierarchy and leadership that makes the final decision.

Our pilots have experience in military, civilian, and private aviation. Because of this, JTF-13 is noob-friendly, with the ability and experience to train willing pilots and RIOs on a number of airframes including the F/A-18c, A-10, F-14B, AV-8B, F-16, and F-5E. That said, experience is always welcome and needed.


A little more about us: We use discord while flying. We are based in the US, with international members in the EU. We do not operate on a schedule. Because of this you are not bound to an agenda we have - your personal life and work always comes first. That said, to become a member of our squadrons active participation is a requirement. When you first join you will be a "Student Aviator" (or RIO). and will be able to fly with any squadrons whenever you like. If you decide to become a fully fledged member of a squadron, you must pass a series of basic qualifications to earn your modex, and plane skin, at which point you will be an official member of a squadron, allowing you to participate in campaigns.


And with that, below is our Email, and the link to the website where you will find the application form.


Website: http://www.jtf13.com


Email: admin@jtf13.com

Edited by Ritch

JTF-13 Personel/Recruiting. VF-103 CO

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