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[WebGUI] Unable to browse directories to select a mission file - Bis repetita

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Hi everyone,


I reopen this subject as it has been closed by @USSR_Rik.


I have finally found why I can browse UP to the root directory (ie. /Saved Games/) but can't browse down to child directories of /Saved Games/


The username I was using (C:\Users\USERNAME\Saved Games\) contained a dash ("-") which is screwing up with the "Browse Down" feature in the Web GUI.


I removed the dash and solved the problem.


May be ED could take a look to that and squash this bug?


Thanks anyway,



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Please copypaste here username and attach log. Are you sure that there is simple '-' (ASCII 2D hex)?


There is nothing to reopen, it's another issue (if exists). Your previous issue is not a bug - 'Saved Games' is the top of available folder for browsing by design.

Edited by USSR_Rik

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