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Mission Editor Top User Requested Features


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1) I would like to be able to combine conditions for triggers on a more globaly basis. Just one example: "altitude greater than" not only for one unit/group but for whole coalitions. Many useful trigger conditions are somewhat useles because every unit would have to be added to the list. Both options would greatly improve workflow.


2) draging selection boxes


3) there are a lot of excellent suggestions already in the thread. Pick as many as you like :music_whistling:

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  • Add Stock Templates for every SAM system and ground/sea battalions.

    like Fansong+SA-2 with template placing patterns, or carrier groups


  • Flight Plan starts from takeoff to landing but mission starts from the air.

    For instance: set F-16 Flight Plan to start from Ramp at 9:00:00, flies over STPT3 at 9:30:00 and lands at 10:00:00, then if the mission starts from 9:30:00 that F-16 is at STPT3 when entering 3D.


  • Common DTC for each module + Unit Specified DTC for each unit.

    if Unit Specified DTC is not enabled for the unit, then the unit will load common DTC for the module


  • Auto DTC COMM Freq set based on each unit's own takeoff/landing airbases and package/flights.



  • Weather system to place cloudy/sunny areas.

    or preview clouds appearance on the map


  • MP sync Flight Planning for clients.

    After server running, clients can set their own flight plans for their slots.


  • Select Slots to jump in from the map instead of the current list.



  • Shot Doctrine/BVR Tactics configure for each AI flight.



  • AI Override Unit.

    The unit flies as AI following their flight plan but a human can jump in them as a client slot, then if the player leaves AI continues to fly them.


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Default frequencies for all aircrafts depending on Map ... (no Caucasus freq at all)


it would be nice to have a WP-Type "start on ramp" (exists) and a new WP type for "drive to and start from runway".

(speed would be less 20 kn), so it would be possible to time and separate more flights ...

And the time on target will be better comparable ...




grab groups for moving on map


GAI task without external lua scripts


airport frequencies on click (like F10 view)


Toggle between magnetic and true north in ME


All people said the wind comes from and not goes there !


if a client do not occupy a plane it should be possible that an AI can use this plane ...


more valid checks for special waypoint functions that the AI could handle the definition (i was wondering why the AI did not fly the actions, because WP to near to far etc.)


if wind is not important, than let the ATC start the flights in first WP direction (and not opposite)


generation of briefings with the included objects (Freq, channel and so on (for selected units) - so freetext was not wrong if objects are changed

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too much ...



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Polygon Zone

Undo/redo function

selecting units/groups

3D preview in another viewport (2nd monitor)

Ground start for all aircraft

More callsigns

Grass airfield & C-130 as warehouse

Triggers to enable/disable all airfield lightning

Unlimited fuel option for Tankers, AWACS, so we don't have to bother respawning them.

Tanker speeds adjustable for receiving aircraft

Finish the mobile TACAN




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a) see time for sunset, sunrise, dawn for chosen date


b) see different between true- and magnetic heading

c) Unit re-spawning

d) add radio commands submenu


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  1. 3D Editor/Preview with the possibility to travel in time (my dream)
  2. Undo/Redo (We are in 2019!)
  3. Right click handler (Contextual Menu)
  4. Multi selection or grouping option (moving objects, copy/paste)
  5. See time for sunset sunrise
  6. Polygonal zone
  7. Moon calendar
  8. Advanced copy/Paste (Radio, Weapon load, Advanced way point option...)
  9. Layer management to apply filter
  10. Meteo : Chose meteo of the day, different cloud layer (altitude), local meteo in zone
  11. Flags with name
  12. More built-in template (AWACS, Transport, SAM, Naval group, troups, armor vehicule, Outpost...)
  13. 3D preview of templates


Thanks for your work.

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It would be really nice if there was a way to save the mission as it ended. For example, if you had a mission with a bunch of SAMs or armored units, and at the end of the mission there were half of them destroyed, you could save that mission in that state and that would be the starting conditions for a new mission. It would be great for someone who wants to conduct a campaign-style series of missions.


I have had this idéa myself, to me it seems not so hard to do but that is perhaps because I dont know any programming :)


My idéa was that if there is a Read Script function in the mission editor, perhaps there could be "Write Flag States To File" and "Read Flag States From File" aswell.


That could then be used to write the flagstates into a lua-file in the same folder as where the mission is located (the campaign folder that would be in a campaign).

So at the end of mission 1 flagstates for if key targets and SAMs are destroyed or not would be written. In the beginning of mission 2 the file from with saved flag states from mission 1 would be read and all those targets could then be set to destroyed or deactivated.


This would make a somewhat dynamic campaign possible pretty easy for the not too advanced mission designers as myself.

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  • Polygon Zones
  • KIAS Option in Flightplanning
  • Overhead Break Type Landing
  • Route Lenght and Flight Time per leg while planning
  • Orbit Visualisation and User selectable fixed bank angels (10, 20, 25, 30°)
  • Multiple Waypoint Orbit
  • Basic Drawing Tools (Frontline, Airspace Boundaries, Push Direction, Military Symbols)
  • Indication of active Runway
  • ILS, TCN, etc at every airport (incl. Normandy) with User being able to tick them On/ Off
  • TCN and every other NAVAID placeable by User


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  • Undo/redo
  • Select units by drag-box.
  • Polygon zones
  • Layers/grouping of units
  • Unification of waypoint options between unit types (let all unit types switch waypoints etc)
  • Freeform callsigns and numbering (let us type in any squad/unit number and callsign and tts it since we can't group aircraft in MP due to scripting issues)
  • Tankers, options for: unlimited fuel, speed adaptation and announcing upcoming turns
  • Wind direction fix
  • Map/briefing drawing
  • Mission planner for MP
  • Change coalitions after mission creation
  • Neutral coalition
  • 3D-editor :)

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These may be repeats in this long thread, but:


- New trigger for bomb / missile / weapon hit in zone.


- Trigger to determine if any static objects built into the map, like bridges or buildings, are damaged or destroyed in a zone.


-Options for AI Aircraft on ramps to do formation Takeoffs.


-Triggers to adjust weather.


- Freehand + polygon Trigger Zones


-Freehand weather


- Changeble weather.

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- display of magnetic heading and/or magnetic variation (ruler tool, waypoint headings) in addition to true headings


- unify map handling between ME and F10 map (right click/left click dragging, ruler tool with middle click, ...)


- aircraft waypoint speeds (also in advanced waypoint options): IAS, TAS, mach, GS


- aircraft waypoint altitudes (also in advanced waypoint options): MSL, AGL, Flight Level


- ship waypoint speeds: speed in water, ground speed, airspeed


- click and drag unit and group selection


- changing properties for multiple groups at once (waypoints, ROE, target, ...)


- undo/redo


- better weather briefing (wind from, should include clouds and precipitation, runway in use, runway condition report)


- temporary unit loadouts (no longer ask to save the loadout)


- loadout editor: load symmetrical (whatever is loaded on the other side gets loaded to the selected station)

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A farp trigger zone, or vehicles for rearming on road bases, without having an object you need to touch


Undo and redo functions


Neutral coalition


Those are the three most desired additions to the mission editor for me.


Two small additional things are, to add the option to spawn planes on the ground without modding the files (not a huge deal) and to include the coalition changing mod by uboats and grimes, which works flawlessly.

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Country relations


- scrap coalitions


- 1 unit belongs to 1 group; 1 group belongs to 1 country


- 2-way country relations:

- allied (will consider enemy of allied country as own enemy, when otherwise neutral toward that country)

- friendly (will assist nearby friendlies in engagements against neutrals)

- neutral (default; will not engage neutrals, unless nearby friendlies are in active engagement)

- hostile (always attack)

- 2-way: country A can be hostile towards B, but B can be neutral towards A at the same time


- changing/editing country relations after mission creation


- changing country-to-country relations during missions via trigger actions and scripting


- changing country-wide ROE during missions via trigger actions and scripting


- user definable propagation speed of country relation and ROE changes during mission (instantly country-wide/following chain of command (C&C units always increase propagation speed for a country; additional fast/slow propagation options would be great))


Country-wide ROE:

- attack enemy (default)

- return fire

- defensive

- no reaction


- change country relation with attacker to hostile: Yes / No (regardless of above selection)



- ROE per group:

- follow country-wide ROE (default)

- attack enemy

- return fire

- defensive

- no reaction


- change country relation with attacker to hostile: Yes / No (regardless of above selection)

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A third faction that can either be hostile to BLUE or hostile to RED or hostile to both or neutral (see ArmA).

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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


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- Additional ME Option to show/hide different types of units in the crafted mission on the F10 map f.e. ground units /naval units /aircrafts /Anti Air WITHOUT dissapearing on the SA page


- Trigger for "unit / group / player / coalition" beeing detected by "coalition / unit / group" with "IR / Radar / visual / Any"


- Option to simply create cutscenes and put them between missions in the campaign editor. Maybe possible via scripts and stuff, but some tool for non script kiddies would be nice


- twilight indicator


- Option for client units to be controlled by AI if no player selected that slot.


- Ability to set runways and other static objects to destroyed / damaged


- ability to set sea conditions or at least related to weather conditions. It's somehow weird if you having a storm going on and the motion of the sea does not differ from a sunny day. Don't know if the engine is capable of that though

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Show the weights of things we put on an aircraft!


Ideally, show the weight already in the popup menu where we select the weapons per pylon.


But also display the current weight of each pylon beneath the aircraft schematic. Provide sums for each wing and total.


Maybe show several lines benath the aircraft schematic to separate sub-totals for the different types of equipment, like tanks, A2A ordnance, A2G ordnance and "other".




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  • The ability to set tankers to unlimited fuel
  • The ability to disable spawns on certain catapults
  • Message to Unit trigger
  • The ability to schedule different static weather patterns
  • More callsigns (desperately needed)


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Barrage/flak fire for AAA.



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1. Trigger "Any type of Munition hits ground object in Zone".

To enable actions based on hitting non-combatant targets (penalty when hitting adjacent buildings, vehicles etc.)

2. Trigger "TGP/Sensor Point of interest inside Zone/moving zone" and scripting option to GetSPICoordinate by unit to model visual identification of objects, targets etc. make actions start when TGPs look at the right place etc.


3.Debriefing log declutter with preset Filter for "Take control, Takeoff, landing", "ground" (only events related to vehicles), "air“ (only events related to aircraft), "only Battle related Info", like who shot whom/what and did he damage/destroy him/it


4. A mission designer placeable zone to rearm refuel aircraft to build realistic FARPS and forward base operations (Helicopters, Harrier, A-10, Viggen, etc.)

This may be combined with certain FARP units inside the zone to provide services. (Fuel truck, ammo truck, weapon store/tent or truck etc.) May replace the current named FARP hills with these zones and have the landing pads as simple objects to place inside the FARP zone.

Edited by shagrat



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1. Civilians aka people models without(!) weapons to enable complex ROE!!!


2. Armed pickup trucks with Dshka and same trucks without armament to enable ROE checks on valid combatants.


3. Civilian airliners and Vehicles (use existing static airport models and vehicles from civilian traffic)


4. simple covered position (revetments from earth/sand) for Tanks and vehicles



- Flying Sims since 1984 -:pilotfly:

Win 10 | i5 10600K@4.1GHz | 32GB | GeForce RTX 2080S - Acer XB280HK 28" 4k | TrackIR5 | Simshaker & Jetseat | VIRPIL CM 50 Stick & Throttle | MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals | TM Cougar MFDs | a hand made UFC | AHCP | 2x Elgato StreamDeck (Buttons galore)

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1. Set Laser Code for LGB per individual Bomb in the Re-Arm menu

This will enable all planes and future modules to act as bomb truck, eliminate the workarounds for setting LGB codes on kneeboards etc. and enhance realism to the usage of LGB with laser guidance.

In a simplified implementation the JTAC will read the Code of the current selected LGB automatically, when requesting a LGB drop.

This can later be further enhanced by the JTAC/FAC/AFAC getting a "Set Laser code for designation" option in the JTAC Menu.

The code of the Bomb, not the other way round (Radio Menu F* - JTAC > Set Laser CODE > Digit 2 > 5-7 and Digit 3 and 4 > 1-8)


2. The cherry on top would be an option for a player/client flying as AFAC/playing CA as JTAC with a TGP/Laser Designator to request an LGB bomb drop on a target with AI.

Example for aircraft:

An option on the Radio menu to "request Lasercode for LGB" to set the code from the bomb as set in the Mission editor and "Attack my target with LGB" to initiate the attack.

Wingman/AI aircraft calls out along the line of: "In from *direction, at *altitude, *seconds to release". Player response: "Cleared hot" or "Abort". AI calls "Pickle/bombs away/stores, off, egress *direction" this would enable TGP equipped aircraft to really act as a AirborneForwardAirController.



- Flying Sims since 1984 -:pilotfly:

Win 10 | i5 10600K@4.1GHz | 32GB | GeForce RTX 2080S - Acer XB280HK 28" 4k | TrackIR5 | Simshaker & Jetseat | VIRPIL CM 50 Stick & Throttle | MFG Crosswind Rudder Pedals | TM Cougar MFDs | a hand made UFC | AHCP | 2x Elgato StreamDeck (Buttons galore)

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