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Mission Editor Top User Requested Features

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Thanks for putting up this thread.


- Ability to create localized weather.

- Radio Freq's can be copied to other similar aircraft (doesn't even do that within the same group).

- Warehouse overhaul. (UI is pretty clunky) Limiting certain weapons, or restricting them to a zero count doesn't always work ... USA carriers in particular.

- NAV lights On/Off for AI.

- AAA "fire into area" so AAA can fire into the sky (like ground units can "fire at point").

- Volume adjustments for imported sound files.

- Spawn client aircraft "on ground" like helo's.


The Museum Relic Campaign: --> http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=164322

Community Missions (SP & MP) --> https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=205546

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1. Polygonal trigger zones

2. Undo+redo

3. Selection box area to move, rotate, delete, etc.

4. Ability for infantry to switch from mortal to immortal and viceversa





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1. Undo / Redo with at least 50 history states. Also add a keyboard shortcuts like CTRL - Z for undo and CTRL - SHIFT - Z for Redo.


2. Copy/Cut - Paste in header menu as well.


3. Delete shortcut key


4. Multiple selection of objects with mouse drag selection.


5. Group / Ungroup with not just static objects. We want to use this feature to create templates easier and faster.


6. Add multiple coalitions and ability to create multiple country presets.


7. Default Static templates for all maps:

Default templates for each airfields for ALL maps that can be loaded by users. At the moment the editor feels empty, and that a lot of content is missing. User should select airfield and load a default template or create custom ones.


Content can be:

- Aircraft, helicopters, fuel tracks and other equipment.


8. Add an indication on the bottom left that shows mission performance efficiency based on users PC hardware and number of objects and assets placed in mission.


9. Ground objects like infantry should have the option to be added in small - medium - large numbers and should facilitate random tactical movement in game based on alertness or status. This option should also be present for other ground objects like vehicle groups.


10. Have the ability to add static objects faster and easier. Its frustrating to have to deselect the static object once I placed in on the map and then go back and reselect static objects and place the new one again. Perhaps a + (plus) button on the top right that indicates adding new static objects of the same category or perhaps selecting how many objects to place before placing them.. don't know but a better solution is needed here.


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* Selecting multiple objects with mouse, and move them

* More weather options, presets with pictures. So we can know the result of the manuplation

* Being able to create flight group consist of different type of planes (2 f-16, 1 f-18, 1 b-52 etc //4 of 4//)

* when we exit the editor to main menu and turn back to editor, we should see last mission that we edited.

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I would like:


* a whole lot more premade templates such as SAM sites etc.

* ability to more finely control AI behaviours such as salvo fire, engage/disengage logic, emcon, lights, etc.

* preview for lighting and weather.

* polygonal trigger zones.

* less accurate ground units vs air targets. Perhaps something that can be controlled from ME? Bmp sniper meh and a great way to make triple A go berserk barrage style. Crudely simulate jamming on sams by busting down their accuracy on a trigger.


I love the fact that y'all are looking at improvements to the editor. It is the true heart of this sim.



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- Assign a specific target to a SAM

- neutral coalition

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-Option to override airfield parking spot placement. (or more options) I want to do as shown in the attached image.

-3D editor for fine-tuning (this is a stretch)


Everyone else pretty much covers the other things I can think of.


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- Allow setting of available fuel for a tanker aircraft to give

- Allow scripted or random failures of tanker aircraft fuel delivery

- Random or scripted failures for AI aircraft

- Display visual model of loadout in loadout/livery window

- Allow for groups/formations of large bombers (ie B-52, B-1, TU-22 etc.)

- Allow for larger formation sizes

- Allow assigning of BORT/Aircraft tail # for static aircraft

- Easier changing or adding of factions/countries and modifying coalitions inside mission

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This may be more outside the scope here, but some way to capture and end-of-mission state and import that into a following campaign mission. Less asking for dynamic campaign, but allowing for continuity between a set of missions.


Example: Let's say in Mission 5 of a user-made campaign, I decide to hit a SAM site with unexpended ordnance. I'd like the mission to be able to read an end-stat file where if the unit name or "pilot" matches one that was destroyed or damaged in the previous mission, that unit is now damaged/out of comission in the next one.


This probably is more on the dynamic campaign roadmap but it would still be useful for scripted campaigns where you can spend a whole bunch of time building up the whole theatre of units, and allowing attrition to happen.

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Please add the following triggers: Coalition ground unit in zone, coalition helicopter in zone, coalition airplane in zone, coalition ship in zone.


Please add a new ground unit movement formation: "On road - sparse" where the units would keep at least a 100m distance between them.


Better stores management for ground units; at least the possibility to set the number of missiles (Or has missiles: yes/no) because even though units like T-72 have missile capability, the do not have a full magazine every time in every battle. Besides, some countries didn't have missiles in T-72s to begin with. Same thing with BMPs etc.


I know that this is not a mission editor feature, but really needed for mission builders: insurgent units, soft armed units. Technicals, tripod mounted MGs, recoilless rifles and ATGMs, artillery pieces.

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* (Easier way for) the ability to project visual zones onto the F10 map, viewable by Coalition or globally. Aditionally, an easy tool to draw frontlines etc. on the F-10 map, same features as above.

* Third, independant Coalition

* Spawning a randomly generated group of civ or military units, which automatically have their own interactions with nearby roads etc. Like a certain Zeus game mode in a certain game. For easier population of areas.

* Tab with recently used units/groups/areas, all mixed together, maybe orderered to type

*when spawning a new area after another one, they should have the same size as the previous one

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Be able to dynamically change the number of the available weapons and fuel on an Airbase, by destroying strategically important buildings, capturing them or receiving supplies from transport planes or helicopters.If there is a solution for this problem already, please let me know.


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This may be more outside the scope here, but some way to capture and end-of-mission state and import that into a following campaign mission. Less asking for dynamic campaign, but allowing for continuity between a set of missions.



totaly forgot this, that indeed would be realy great stuff.



+1 request


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* I would like slot ID for the tactical commander slot so they get their own radio menus in multiplayer.

* Allow ammo trucks to rearm refuel for road bases.

* Allow me to assign spawn zones for helicopters. So I could assign these slots to multiple spawn zones allowing me to set conditions of where a player will spawn without having to clutter the map with helo pads.

* Be able to assign as many aircraft I want at an airfield and use the delayed spawn function until a parking spot is open like on the carrier or helo pad.

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- tanker aircraft should adjust their speed according to the airplane which requests refueling



- AFAC / JTAC units reporting any hostile targets in their line of sight and not just pre-selected units/groups in the mission editor



- more coalitions, neutral coalition, civilian units



- randomization of aircraft/ground units/group spawns (just implement some of the moose scripts in the mission editor ui ;) )



- orders for groups (air+ground) like defend/attack/capture zone x

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- The hability to draw in the map in different colors and sizes, and the hability to write letters. Predefined shapes, circles, squares, arrows... Ala Steel Beasts or ArmA








- AAA area fire, so AAA can fire ala Desert Storm 1991.


- Neutral coalition and the hability to define If it will be attacked or not by AI


- Invisible helicopter spawn point

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It would be really nice if there was a way to save the mission as it ended. For example, if you had a mission with a bunch of SAMs or armored units, and at the end of the mission there were half of them destroyed, you could save that mission in that state and that would be the starting conditions for a new mission. It would be great for someone who wants to conduct a campaign-style series of missions.

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First off, thanks for making this post to gather our feedback. Hopefully we'll see something come of it.


1. The thing about the DCS world is that it is so beautiful and there are so many static objects that only enhance it's dynamic feeling of realism, but it is so freaking difficult to place them correctly!! Please give us the ability to zoom in close enough to put us in the 3D environment while still in the ME so we can see how an object is placed on the actual terrain and be able to manipulate it. Presently, one must save, start the mission and search for the object you have just placed so you can look at it to see if you have it right or if it is sitting on a 45 degree slope. Then go back into the ME to make a change, then rinse and repeat. This is an incredibly tedious task.


2. Weather - I'm not asking for anything like dynamic weather but at least allow the mission builder to decide where they want fog or clouds rather then having it blanket to entire map. Allow us to "paint" an area with clouds and/or fog and with varying elevations. At the very least, how about giving us several layers of clouds instead of just one?


3. Wind - could you allow us to decide for ourselves what the spread is between surface wind and 1600 feet? Could you portray the wind as it is throughout the entire aviation world, as the direction it is blowing from, rather than the direction it is blowing to?


4. As others have mentioned, there has been a grass airfield in the ME for quite some time, how about letting us use it?


5. Allow us to place a plane anywhere as a spawn point for a client. I would ask about the carrier but I am aware of the changes coming to that environment so I won't waste any of your time on that.


6. Last but not least, give us the ability to adjust the height (elevation) of some of the objects such as smoke so we can place it on the top of a smoke stack or lights to place on an antenna. Of course, this last request wouldn't be worth messing with unless the first request were granted! :thumbup:


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Allow us to see what the speed set in the ME is as IAS, not just ground speed!! It's super difficult to set up tankers, etc when you don't really know what speed they are at altitude.



Change coalitions, and allow for more saved coalition settings.



Neutral coalition, or a 3rd coalition would be amazing, although I understand this will probably require more of an AI/engine re-write than the scope of this thread.

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Thanks for the opportunity!


- Change coalitions after creation (advanced integration of "[MOD] Mission Coalition Modification by uboats & Grimes") https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=168720

- More coalition presets

- Neutral coalition perfect for oil rigs...

- Please the neutral coalition not include all not selected for red or blue countries (

MissionEditor/MissionEditor.lua / uncomment line 6

--test_addNeutralCoalition = true)

- filter to coalition when units place down/modify, (red/blue/neutral) we can add so many county to a coalition


- Ability to load mission skipping uninstalled mod contents AFTER question (like SU-57, Pylon mods)


- show all built in airport wehicles on map (like in LOMAC, including airodrome radars), this way we can hide those if we want to


- no more weapon loadout save forcing to local settings from foreign missions, when we only view the unit (show as custom temporary unsaved in payload window)

- delayed livery loading, no more delay of dispaying payloads because of livery loading


- I like the legacy of LOMAC and Su-27:

a: I like the wind knobs in the current blowing TO direction

b: Max one click distance detailed info for each weapon from payload screen

c: graphically show how assimetric the loadout is

d: I would like to see Su-27 in any starting spot on the Caucasus map as in 1.5.8 version and any previous version


Please not only idolize F-14B and F-16C, they can spawn anywhere.


- Display sunrise and sunset time per day, without simulating the mission (to Selected airodrome)

- Skip date to next or previous full moon button

- Ability to switch between metric and imperial measurement units on the fly


- 100% zoom on map button

- layers (red,blue,neutrals,wehicles,aircrafts,statics,custom layers with locking ability from accidental changes)

- lock individual units position from accidental move, or careful editing mode or mission overview mode


- Unlimited fuel options for tankers for training purposes

- AI respawning capability - eliminate to need to place multiple tankers of the same type and set triggers for them

- Invulnerability option to airbases (no craters and infinitely remained wrecks) for freeflight and training servers / SP

- trigger to repair airodrome surfaces, AIRBASE, FARP, Carrier (Stennis is too vulnerable, usually I set to invulnerable)


- Ability to show in top down view the parking aircraft TRUE start heading! And we can place nearby statics correctly.

- Ability to place static objects inside hangars

- Ability to place any aircraft anywhere on the airodrome surfaces similarly to helicopters (use more Krasnodar-Pashkovsky)

- Ability to place ground crew in trigger zones (workaround to Krasnodar-Pashkovsky, Viggen, Highway strips)


- Option to runway lights always on in the mission (workaround to 2.5 MP problem)

- Ability to hide ISOLINES on map (as in 1.5)



- Switch waypoint for ships, so we can create patrol routes


- Ability to add names for flags, nobody can remember after a month which flag is used for what

- More shapes to trigger zones or gouping together trigger zones for combined trigger zone that can be used in triggers rules

(f.e.: orientable rectangular trigger zone)

- "Coalition aircraft in zone" trigger


2013: https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=1672076&postcount=117



- Trigger Debugger

- A "Write to Log or to debriefing" action for triggers.


- trigger Message to unit not only for group


- Add marker beacons to any map. (ADF/NDB, RSBN, ILS, TACAN and etc.)


(AN/TRN-26 Mobile TACAN: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=220326)

- Ability to disable colliding beacons in MP mode too in Persian Gulf

(we can only visually destroy/hide beacon objects by trigger currently SP only, the nothing is working)


- Unit list filter to [client and player / AI]

- When unit list is filtered show only the number of the filtered units in the boxes


- Resource manager ability to prohibit gun ammmo loading, useful for non combat aerobatic and freeflight servers

- Resource manager: don't corrupt warehouse state with updates

- Resource manager fill column http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=220146

- Resource manager starting profiles, at worst now needed to copy the new setting to 20 airbases on Caucasus after each modification

- Resource manager [copy/set profile] inventory to ships, and to any warehouse


- Advanced waypoint action: option to prohibit for AI to use AAR

- Advanced waypoint action: force Tankers and Transports to land at specific airodrome, they are now not follow order


- Preplanned failures for client aircraft, not only for player


- Small ships placeable to lakes


- Add to tasks: Training, Aerobatics... (OCA Strike is Runway Attack?)


wildest fantasy:

- event handlers (client spawned, takeoff, ejected...)

- grouping static objects

- Groups with mixed counties (same coalition)

- Capture trigger to change units coalition/country in simulation time ->> Any unit to any country in design time

- trigger activated slots to multiplayer clients

- Random spawning to airbases, as resource manager allow the number of planes, a very useful thing to freeflight servers

give to the player a choice for the starting spot from the available ones, f.e.: close to the runway

There are endless list of slots in many multiplayer servers.


- radio frequency preset assignment to more client aircraft, do once use many times, modify one place update all same time

- the above for waypoints, reusable waypoints interchangeable between flights, so boring many multiplayer server without any waypoint

-> optional mission planner to multiplayer game at client's spawn


- dynamic weather click and drag pressure systems

- helicopter following ship

- ability to place down and orient existing prebuilt airodromes to Crimea or anywhere, at least grass airfields



- mission editor for selected master slot in MP real time ("Zeus mode")

- up to date manual for ME with examples

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For me;

1.)A selection box allowing us to quickly select multiple objects at once and be able to move/rotate that selection as one.









* being able to copy and paste large groups of vehicles and objects

* the old LOMAC way of adding more heavy aircraft to a flight (i.e. able to create large wings or cells of bombers)

* GCI linking radars

* Ground objects and templates for AAA, SAM, and missile sites (roads, hardstands, revetments, etc.)

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