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Would love to see a type of "Hazard Zone" with a PK%.

Example:  Anti-Personnel, Anti-Tank, and/or Anti-Ship zone.


This would allow the creation of minefields without having to place dozens, if not hundreds, of unique objects.

By distinguishing between the zone types one can restrict movement by said type(s).


Bonus if you also create new units such as Engineers and Minesweepers to counter.  Countering doesn't have to be anything fancy.  If an engineer or minesweeper enters zone, reduce PK% by "X" amount. 

Edit:  A further bonus would be if engineers/ships can create these zones on the fly.  Example, a TACCOM orders an engineer to deploy mines, and a hazard zone of 25-50' (thinking the width of a roadway) is created and marked on map for friendly forces.

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We really need CTRL + Z as a undo  and CTRL + SHIFT + Z to redo.

If possible I'd like a Template for active airfields included, so no more sterile airbases or spending hours in the ME creating clutter.

Agree! All common Windows commands should be implemented. Sent from my MAR-LX1A using Tapatalk

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