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Activate my FC please?


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I just bought a new activation, but it doesn't seem to work?


Transaction ID: 8F3ACFCE-35BA-F876-C64D-5B701D4C9491

Date: 24-10-2007 03:15:08


No fun with this Starforce bollocks software dear ED..! All I did was change my CPU for a better one. And it seems that everytime I do a major hardware change I have to reactivate LockOn FC..?


I guess I am barking at the wrong tree, since This is a Starforce problem. But hey..! You have to admitt that it still really sucks when you sit there grinning in anticipation over the new improved LockOn FC preformance just around the corner, and then Starforce comes like a bucket of cold water..?


Well.. Can you please help me?



Ps. Damn good job on FC.. I can't wait for Blackshark.. c";)

"But (504)Brewber said they were'nt friendly.. So I took'em out.!"



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