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Patch 1.12a or 1.12b ?

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Ho man i see:


* compatibility with the Windows Vista Operating System,

* "Ghost" spikes and nails on RWR SPO-15 and TEWS bug fixed,

* advanced model of guidance limitations for Air to Air Missiles with precise tuning,

* new multiplayer code with increased game stability,

* numerous avionics fixes and improvements,

* new input features,

* new 3D models of numerous

munitions *,

* new, more advanced models of AWACS and EWR operations *,

* compatibility with the Win64 Operating System *,

* optional once-a-week disk check for the CD version *.


The full list of added features and corrections implemented in patch version 1.12b


Patch version 1.12b also includes previously released patches and fixes: patch version 1.11 (marked with *), Ground Units LODs Fix (GU_LODs) and CLIENT NETWORK GAME STUTTERING FIX.


Tharos call me stupid blind because never did run it.. :( ;)

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