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It would be a dream a module of the C-130 in DCS.


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I support this.


Many say that transport aircraft have no room in the current maps ("too small map sizes"), but I would say the opposite. An aircraft like the C-130 has and is being used in inter-theater mobility operations. There are a LOT of things to do even on shorter distances.


A proper TAT aircraft (Tactical Air Transport) can be used to great effect on multiplayer servers to move larger troops around and faster that we currently do with helicopters. It would also offer interesting targets for allied fighters to protect and for enemy fighters to destroy.


And the choice for the 130 is great especially due to the mentioned multi-capabilities of the airframe in different versions. This would be a great multi-purpose module that would most likely find a lot of use in MP scenarios if handled properly. Plus I bet a proper multicrew military transport aircraft would attract a lot of positive attentiont in the general flight sim market.





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Ever see a four-engine module in DCS ? Ever wonder why ? Ever try a search in this forum ? C-130 for example ?

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