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Green areas on the map?


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Posting this again. 29% of earths surface is land, of which 33% is desert. Land surface area is 148 940 000 km2. 49 150 200 km2 is then desert, or a 7000 by 7000 km square.

But no, I dont think I have come by any. Checking google maps, the only green areas are on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Some near the Iraqi border too.

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Is there any part of the map with forests, crops, palm plantations or something like that? areas that makes this map look less as Mars and more like the Earth.




Large Mangrove Forest on Qeshm Island:



Nice Gardens near Rayen Citadel:



And a nice Iran country tour for a longer flight in a helicopter or by vehicle is the route (92) from Fasa to the east around Hajiabad and up to the Jiroft valley and further towards Iranshar:







EDIT ...and most of the valleys northwest of Bandar Abbas and the coast near Qeshm are similar to the route (92) around Hajiabad.

It isn't large forrests , of course, but it is the typical countries vegetation. :dunno:

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