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Tu-22s hugging the deck! These are final respects of a Belorussian squadron:



Russian Knights 1997 Victory Day pass over Moscow recorded from the pit:


- EB


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I don't like that plane a lot but I just have to save that!


Here's a MudHen somewhere in Rainy ol' Britain giving us some G.


Father and son, these stand as the best jets ever made, IMO.


If you fly a perfect Defensive BFM and the bandit does a perfect Offensive...

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Some recent Cold War style footage from last month:






I heard that the F-22 has shorter legs than F-15 with internal fuel only. Anyone?

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"See, to me that's a stupid instrument. It tells what your angle of attack is. If you don't know you shouldn't be flying." - Chuck Yeager, from the back seat of F-15D at age 89.


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30mm deadly cannon. Thanks for sharing.


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