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Maxon Cinema 4D


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The most used 3D program is Max i guess, but who can tel me some more about

Maxon's Cinema 4D? i saw some very convincing creations made by it!



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The problem ultimately with modeling in something other than 3DSMax7 or 8 , with regards to LockOn, is that the tools to animate the model provided by the developer will not work in any other application than 3DSMax 7 or 8. So if you had to buy a product to model and animate for LockOn, then Max is the way to go. Otherwise Cinema4D, Maya, SoftImage and Lightwave are all very strong packages.

Nice thing is that these other applications can also be run on Mac OSX operating system as well, and I do believe they also support Linux. So you get some choices on what platform you wish to model on.


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