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Welcome Hornet Pilots!



We are now actively looking for NEW and EXPERIENCED pilots.

If you are looking for a great group of friends to learn with and help develop you into a badass Multi-Role F/A-18C pilot, VFC-119 is the place you want to 3-wire!

Alternatively, if you're already a badass Hornet pilot, we have opportunities for you to lead sections and mentor pilots to become the best Multi-Role wing-men around!


VFC-119 operates within JOINT TASK FORCE HEAVY, accompanied by squadrons of other various air frames. We have weekly training, nightly active pilots, and provide fundamental ground school resources. Our operations and training nights actively provide Air Traffic Control services and AWACS using lotATC. We have multiple dedicated servers spanning every current DCS terrain, with interactive and expertly programmed missions running 24/7. Our most active time zone is US/CA with activity centered around 1900-0200 EST (1600-2300 PST). We also utilize our own VFC-119 liveries in; Low-Viz, Aggressor, Dark, + other special skins (see below for a preview of some).

You're more than welcome to drop by our Discord to ask questions!


Hope to fly with you soon,

Angry Canadian

VFC-119 COVFC-119-Grey-2.pngVFC-119-18-HIGHV.pngUntitled-2.jpg

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