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HUD Problems

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Hi everyone. This is my 1st post here, so if I've missed another thread covering this, please bear with me (yes I have tried searching).


I've just bought Lock-on Gold (I used to have vanilla LOMAC years ago). Managed to work my way around the usual VISTA 64 problems with Starforce/XP games and I'm up and running. Or so I thought. I'm running a clean LOMAC/Flaming Cliffs install on VISTA 64 Ultimate.


The HUD problem I'm experiencing, is really with aircraft labels not showing, designator boxes not showing at medium/high range and general radar locking. I've got easy radar on, whilst I ease myself back into the game.


For example, clicking the F15 FLY option on the main menu, I see an IL-76 infront of me (nothing wrong there). I can see the red target label text (this seems good). I can't however reliable auto lock the target in any A-A weapon mode, with any A-A weapon (I often see the target designator flash on and off quickly when I hit one of the auto lock keys). Bear in mind easy radar is enabled.


In addition, the other soviet aircraft in the theater do not show their red labels, only a very very small red square (almost 1mm on each side on the screen). This all changes when I get below approx. 6 miles, when the problems disappear. All except it's entirely random whether my AIM-7's will actually follow the target. AIM-120's and AIM 9's are better, but sometimes just don't track (very odd).


Finally, I'm getting random CTD's (crash to desktop) which is particularly annoying mid mission.


This PC was newly built by myself several months ago and running all other old and new games fine (once you learn the VISTA UAC dance). Nothing overclocked, OS/drivers updated - certified and stable and nothing over-temping. All in all, this is simply a games PC.


720W TAGAN PSU (no under/over-volting problems)

E6600 Core2 Duo


4GB PC6400 DDR2

GF8800GTS 640MB

2x 500GB SAMSUNG P-501's in non-RAID

onboard sound (for now while I wrestle with my X-FI/VISTA/Alchemy)

other bits and pieces :)


Any help or thoughts would be greatly apprecited

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