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Normandy + Asset Pack: Too many trains

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I am new to mission editor and am trying to create a simple mission involving a train. I add the train group and place it in the rail yard North of Faubg De Vaucelles then place several way-points along the track traveling SE out of town. Seems like everything is set up correctly. My mission is set for 10:00 AM. I set the train start time to 10:10 to give me time to take off and get to the area before it spawns. However I cannot tell if it is working correctly. There are so many trains spawning around and in the rail yard that I can't tell if mine is working or not. It appears not as the trains that spawn around the 10:10 time frame turn and go North over the bridge rather than traveling SE along the path I created.


Is there a way to eliminate the random trains that are being spawned by DCS and only have my train spawn? I tried taking "civilian traffic" out of the mission options but that seems to have killed all trains including the one I am trying to create. From what I can tell it appears to be all or none.


Am I correct or am I doing something wrong?

P51 Free Flight Normandy.miz

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Civilian traffic to OFF does turn off the train traffic .. it should not affect your train, but it does kill the road vehicle traffic along with the trains, which is a pity.


You can do a short test by giving your train a very short route, so that you can verify easily if it is working or not ... I tried it on Caucasus and it does work.


A big fail of the trains as currently implemented is that you cant see them on the F10 map, lets hope that ED will adress this soon.


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Can't get it to work in the Normandy Map


Tried on the Normandy map and not getting my trains to show up. With Civilian Traffic enabled, I get all kinds of trains, but not the one's I created. With Civilian Traffic set to OFF, I get zero trains. So it appears that my trains are not working either way or perhaps I have them set up wrong. But all I am doing is putting the trains on a track and creating a 2nd waypoint, just like I do for trucks or ships, the only difference being trains. Attached is the mission I set up. If someone wouldn't mind taking a look at it, I'll be very appreciative. Thanks!


I've got to be doing something basically wrong. I tried to put a train on the Caucasus map and having the same problem. Everything seems fine when I create the train in Mission Editor, the train just never shows up during the mission. My setup works fine for other vehicles but not trains. Onward into the fog!

P51 Free Flight Normandy.miz

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Further Testing
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**** Resolved *****


Duh! I am an idiot. The problem was after defining and placing the train and its way points, I didn't click on the last tab and actually build the train from the choices given. Once I actually built the train, it works fine. Sorry for the wild goose chase.

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